With Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday starting on Thursday and running through Wednesday, July 7, Florida TaxWatch President and CEO Dominic Calabro weighed in on it this week.

Calabro said the following:

“As a trusted government watchdog and a longstanding advocate for the best interests of hard-working taxpayers, Florida TaxWatch commends Governor DeSantis, Senate President Wilton Simpson, and House Speaker Chris Sprowls for implementing the Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday in 2021.

“After a year of stress and uncertainty, much of which was spent cooped up indoors, the good people of Florida need to get outside and experience all of the beautiful beaches and parks that the state has to offer. They need opportunities to relax and clear their minds, have fun with family and friends, and re-establish a sense of normalcy that they lost to the pandemic.

“The first-ever Freedom Week encourages that by relieving them from taxes on certain outdoor supplies – such as paddleboards and surfboards, fishing rods and reels, and gas or charcoal grills – as well as taxes on admissions to live music and sporting events, festivals and cultural celebrations, and so much more.

“This new sales tax holiday is one of a kind, and we at Florida TaxWatch are hopeful that consumers will take advantage of it. It’s clearly a ‘win’ for their wallets, as it will save them an expected $54.7 million in total, but it will also go a long way to support their overall wellbeing.”

According to DeSantis’ office, the $169 million tax cut package in Florida’s Fiscal Year 2021-22 budget includes funding for three sales tax holidays:

      • A 7-day Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday (July 1-7, 2021) to Save Florida Families $54.7 million – The holiday covers certain outdoor recreation purchases, such as the first $100 of the sales price of sunglasses, the first $200 of the sales price of tents, and the first $500 of the sales price of kayaks or canoes, as well as tickets for events, museums, the arts, and more.
      • A 10-day Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday (August 15-21, 2021) to Save Florida Families $69.4 million – The holiday covers clothing up to $60, school supplies up to $15, and the first $1,000 of a computer.
      • A 10-day Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday (May 28-June 6, 2021) to Save Florida Families $10.5 million – The holiday covers items needed during disasters including generators priced at $1,000 or less.

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