Former Palm Bay Deputy City Manager, Developer Arrested for Racketeering

Dave Isnardi, the former deputy city manager of Palm Bay and the husband of Brevard County Commission Chairwoman Kristine Isnardi, was arrested on several felony counts, including conspiracy to commit racketeering, extortion and conspiracy to sell oxycontin.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FLDE) has been investigating Isnardi since 2015 and had a confidential informant inside city hall for years. The charging affidavit alleges Isnardi and developer Jose Aguiar conspired to get a Palm Bay commissioner busted for drugs and another filmed with a prostitute. The men met several times with a confidential informant that was renting a home called “The Clubhouse” from Aguiar. The plan was to place cameras inside the home and then lure a commissioner there to have sex with a prostitute. Once Aguiar had the prostitution evidence, that commissioner would be forced to approve his projects. Isnardi is also accused of hatching a plan to put drugs in the vehicle of a commissioner, then have him pulled over by law enforcement with the drugs in his possession.

Dave Isnardi

When meeting with the FBI about the charges in 2017 with his lawyer, Isnardi denied the plot, calling the whole thing “guys talking shit, drinking beers, and smoking cigars.”

At the center of this plot was Aguiar’s efforts to get a property developed into a scrap metal yard that would, according to the arrest affidavit, net him between $600,000-$800,000. Aguiar was targeting City Councilman Jeffrey Bailey for not backing Aguiar’s and Isnardi’s priorities. The document levels serious charges of drug use against Bailey, saying he used oxycodone that he obtained from Aguiar through a confidential informant on more than one occasion.

Former Commissioner Tres Holton is mentioned in charging affidavit as well. He is alleged to have used cocaine and accepted prostitutes from the confidential source inside Palm Bay City Hall that was working with and living in Aguiar’s home. The plan, according to the documents, was to trap Holton with cameras having sex with a prostitute. The confidential informant also claims Aguiar told him hookers were purchased for both Holton and Mayor William Capote while the pair were in Tallahassee. None of the commissioners or Capote are charged with any crimes.

Florida Daily reached out to Brevard County Commission Chairwoman Kristine Isnardi for comment but she has not responded. The document charging levels several accusations and can be read here.


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