Gas Prices Starting to Feel More Pressure to Increase in Florida and Across the Nation, AAA Warns

AAA released a report this week which showed gas prices slightly increased in Florida over the past week–and warned that they could go even higher in the summer.

The average gallon of gas in Florida cost $4.20 at the start of this week, up from two cents from the start of last week. At the national level, the average gallon of gas cost $4.32 at the start of the week, up from $4.19 at the start of last week.

“There were some noteworthy gains in both oil and gasoline futures last week, which could result in additional gains in prices at the pump this week,” said Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group. “Oil prices rose last week after the European Union announced plans to phase out their use of Russian oil by the end of the year. And yet, the oil price gains paled in comparison to what happened with gasoline. Gasoline futures soared to a new record high last week. The increase is blamed on a combination of steady weekly declines in gasoline supplies, and expectations that summer fuel demand will far outpace what we saw last year.”

The West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area had the most expensive gas in the state with an average of $4.39 a gallon followed by Gainesville at $4.30 a gallon and Fort Lauderdale at $4.28 a gallon.

Pensacola and Punta Gorda had the least expensive gas in the state with an average of $4.11 a gallon followed by the Melbourne-Titusville area at $4.14 and the Fort Myers-Cape Coral market at $4.15 a gallon.

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