Gina Loudon: How the Media Tried to Distract Us From Worsening Border Crisis

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The mainstream media are doing everything in their power to distract the American people from the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Just last week, several alarming reports highlighted the sheer scope of the illegal immigration problem and the record-breaking flow of migrants across the border.

According to Fox News, more than 76,000 migrants entered the U.S. illegally or appeared at a port of entry in February alone, making it “the highest number of any February in the past 12 years,” and the highest number in a single month in 11 years.

In a press conference about the sharp spike in illegal immigration, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Chief of Operations Brian Hastings also revealed that federal authorities are often forced to release illegal immigrants from Central America because they can’t easily be deported.

“Without being able to deliver a consequence to these individuals for crossing our border, the Border Patrol has no reason to expect that this trend will decrease — in fact, we believe it will increase,” Hastings asserted.

As if echoing the desperate warnings of the Border Patrol, the Washington Post also reported that the number of illegal immigrants attempting to enter America is projected to jump to 100,000 this month — a clear sign that President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund construction of the border wall is urgently necessary.

Instead of continuing to cover the border security crisis, though, the press swiftly moved on to other “important” topics that better fit their liberal political narrative. And to the mainstream media, this almost always means more wall-to-wall coverage of President Trump and fake scandals.

One of the top “analysis” stories published by CNN, for instance, focused on how “Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to de-legitimize the 2020 election.” In it, the news network fretted that President Trump is already “suggesting that Democrats cannot beat him fairly,” warning that this could indicate that he intends to question the outcome of the 2020 election.

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This sort of baseless speculation is a questionable choice to feature as a “top story” amid an ongoing border crisis.

MSNBC, meanwhile, chose to air multiple video segments attacking President Trump shortly after the Border Patrol’s announcement of the new immigration data, described in congressional testimony last week by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as a “humanitarian catastrophe.” Notably, MSNBC also maintains an entire section on the “Russia Investigation” that is prominently featured on the homepage of its news website.

Not to be outdone, the home page of ABC News featured a story about how the Trump Organization’s insurance policies were allegedly investigated by authorities, but made no mention of the shocking increase in illegal immigration that made national headlines the same day.

Unfortunately, this brand of biased omissions news coverage is all too common in the world of modern journalism, where “journalists” function more like pundits advancing the latest Democratic Party messaging.

By burying the real news story of the week with threadbare attacks on President Trump, the mainstream media are blatantly seeking to distract the American people from the truth about the crisis on our southern border.


Dr. Gina Loudon, Ph.D. is a bestselling author, columnist, and frequent news commentator. She was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention and currently serves on the Donald J. Trump for President Media Advisory Board.


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