Gina Loudon: Why Would We Let the Democrats Fix an Economy that Not Only Isn’t Broken, It’s Strong and Growing?

The U.S. economy keeps getting stronger, but the Democrats keep talking about eliminating the pro-growth policies President Trump has used to create this remarkable era of prosperity. They think it needs fixing and they couldn’t be more wrong.

The ongoing economic boom has penetrated into the deepest recesses of the American economy, benefiting people of all socioeconomic levels. Through the president’s commitment to deregulation, tax cuts, and energy independence, Main Street is seeing the kind of opportunity it hasn’t experienced in decades.

The July jobs report, for instance, confirms that the economy is continuing to churn ahead at full steam. With 164,000 new jobs created last month, Americans can look on their economic future with optimism and confidence. Furthermore, we saw 370,000 new workers enter the labor force to take advantage of the incredible opportunities the Trump economy offers, expanding the workforce to an all-time record of 163.4 million people.

Yet, while President Trump presides over this historic economic boom, the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are proposing massive changes to our country’s newly-fortified economic architecture as they desperately try to revive their electoral prospects in 2020 through misinformation about our economic progress.

Democrats claim that the Trump economy only benefits the rich — but that couldn’t be further from the truth, and recent data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis prove it.

In June, year-over-year employee compensation growth was a whopping 5.5 percent. In the first quarter of 2019, wages grew at an annualized rate of 10.1 percent, double the rate for 2018. Over the first two years of the Trump presidency, compensation increased 42 percent more than it did during the last two years of the Obama presidency.

Meanwhile, corporate profits actually decreased by 2.9 percent in the first quarter of 2019. Corporate profits shrinking while wages shoot up at breakneck pace? These are incontrovertible signs that working men and women — not wealthy shareholders — are the primary beneficiaries of this president’s economic reforms.

When Democrats say the Trump economy is only helping the rich, they engage in what psychologists typically call “projection.” The Obama-Biden economy truly failed working Americans, but President Trump is ensuring that prosperity reaches everyone.

President Obama and Vice President Biden couldn’t find a way to translate Wall Street gains into wage increases, and they fell back on convoluted economic theories to explain why wages remained stagnant instead of acknowledging that their own policies were really to blame.

President Trump, by contrast, has proven that a properly-managed American economy benefits all citizens.

Yet, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates aren’t just proposing to eliminate the pro-growth policies that brought about the current economic boom, they also want to double-down on the failures of the Obama-Biden era.

The tax-and-spend, unlimited-government regulation the Democrats are running on would do far worse than return us to the Obama-Biden “new normal” of high unemployment, stagnant wages, and anemic growth — it would skip right over the “malaise” stage and turn our current economic boom into a complete economic collapse.

Main Street can’t afford the policies that the Democrats have proposed. The July jobs report proves that President Trump’s economy remains an indefatigable engine of prosperity for working Americans — how could we possibly elect a Democrat to fix what ain’t broken?


Dr. Gina Loudon, Ph.D. (@RealDrGina) is a bestselling author, columnist, and frequent news commentator. She was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention and currently serves on the Donald J. Trump for President Media Advisory Board.


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