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Go Figure. Biden’s Family Who Have Financially Benefited From Him Being President Want Him To Stay On


This is rich. The convicted felon that is First Son Hunter Biden, and Scamming-Enabler First Lady Jill Biden, and the rest of the lecherous Biden family met this past weekend, and they are demanding that Uncle Joe stays in the race for reelection despite his pathetic debate performance, his perpetual out-to-lunch mouth gape, and his deer-in-the-headlights stare.


Because they have not yet stolen enough money from foreign countries, and they need another four years to make it happen. What with the ultra-expensive outfit that Jill wore on the recent cover of Vogue, she desperately needs more time to get her wardrobe up to snuff.

So, let’s get this straight. The family members who influenced Joe to hire his campaign advisors are now blaming those same advisors for doing a fleeting job preparing the octogenarian for a debate that he could never have won. You cannot make this stuff up.

It is apparent now that the White House staff decided, with every passing poll, to take a chance and have the President accept former President Donald Trump’s offer to debate anywhere, anytime. Biden took the bait, and now America sees with its own two eyes how feeble, frail, pale, and decrepit Uncle Joe really is. No wonder they kept him in the basement during the 2020 campaign.

Now, Jill says that she “will not let 90 minutes define the four years he has been president.” But we all know that, in fact, those 90 minutes epitomize his entire presidency, which is why Americans, in poll after poll, have said for almost a year that they do not want Biden to run again, even a significant plurality of Democrats!

Interestingly, it’s not Republicans who are demanding that Biden be removed from the ticket; it’s many of his fellow Democratic leaders who are gnashing their teeth in private as they exult him publicly. Republicans, we demand that he stay in the race, albeit for a vastly different reason than Jill and Brother-Widow-Dating Hunter.

Standing in the way, or course, is Jill Biden who is loathe to give up the White House, Air Force One, the magazine covers, the money they’re getting “under the table,” the fame, whatever she would have to give up if he were to decide to not run for again.

One has to really give Jill and the rest of their crooked family a “tip of the hat” for whitewashing the President’s real health and mental condition so well. She knew better, and she knows now that he is incapable of doing the job, despite what he has been told to say. In fact, White House staff just admitted that Joey is only up to speed between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and that has been obvious for quite some time now when reviewing his daily schedule.

This did not have to be this way. The US did not have to witness a president who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. But Jill was so frightened that Biden might not get the Democratic nomination, which meant no four more years to fleece the country and be the puppet-master, that she and her co-conspirators, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies, and the Democratic National Committee created a nomination process that guaranteed no challenges within the Party. Therefore, Joe would not have to perform any more than absolutely necessary with the help of teleprompters (even though he is not supposed to recite the stage directions), questions given to him by reporters in advance, a fave list of easy-going reporters who ask softball questions, and the necessity for hand-holding so that the President doesn’t wander off like many Dementia or Alzheimer patients do, with many thanks to Barrack and Jill.

Foreign leaders are now sharing commentary about private meetings with Joseph, and it isn’t pretty. Just ask Putin what he thinks, and we all already know that because he took a miscue from Joe when he said a little incursion would be okay in Ukraine. He took the prez at his word. Iran, more than anyone else, wants Biden to run again because no President, since Obama, has given them so much money, rope, and meaningless sanctions that are not enforced.

Biden himself says that he knows how to do the job. But does he really? He stated a bald-faced lie during the first debate when he said that no soldiers had died during his Presidency. What about the 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan when Biden overruled his generals and allowed an incompetent and embarrassing withdrawal?

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Biden also lied when he said that he had been endorsed by the Border Patrol Union, and then in real-time, was called on the carpet by the union, when they responded that they had not endorsed him and in fact never would.

Ultimately Democratic donors will decide, not Jill and Crack-smokin’ Hunter, if the prez will stay in the race. As the polls turn worse, money will drive up, other down-ballot Democrats will do everything to avoid standing alongside the prez while campaigning, and the only ones that will never give in will be Jill, Prostitute Lover-Hunter, crooked Jim, the narcissistic Hollywood Elites, and silly AOC and her communist comrades-in-arms.

Joe Biden is a dead man walking, and just about everyone in America intuitively understands that. When African Americans, Hispanics, and young voters abandon the Democratic Party, there is not much left except the shrill voices of the Far Left who, with help from Joey, have indeed made America a laughing stock and a weak-kneed Uncle Sam.

In the meantime, the bed that the Democrats have made for themselves with the convoluted and inappropriate nomination process is the bed they have to sleep in. They have a Vice President who is less respected than the President and has demonstrated for the last 3 ½ years that she does not know how to do the job assigned to her. Whether it was the Southern Border or Artificial Intelligence (actually I think that assignment was perfect for her), she cannot keep staff, her word salads are less intelligible than many of Joey’s intelligible comments. Her laugh has been mocked around the world. Leave her on the ticket? Please!

Democrats, I predict, will ultimately have to dump both Biden and Harris and go with California Governor Gavin Newsom, as he is the only one who has the chance to raise enough money quickly to be able to be a salvageable candidate in a losing fight. And since Harris is also from California and the Electoral College has issues with a duo from the same state, the Party will nominate Gretchen Whitmir of Michigan, who recently revealed that Biden can’t even win in union-friendly Michigan.

But it’s all just window dressing because whoever is the Democratic nominee after the battle-scarred, chaotic national convention in Chicago (Remember 1968? That will look like a walk in the park compared to 2024), the policies of encouraging and refusing to stop illegal aliens from entering our country and bringing with them fentanyl drugs, criminal intentions, and diseases, inflation that has wrecked the dreams of so many Americans who are struggling to afford the basics, crime which is running rampant across Blue-led cities and states, electric vehicles that no one is buying and fewer can afford, and the US that seems to be in retreat across the globe as wars flare and entreaties to ceasefire fall on deaf ears, the American people won’t have to make a tough decision.

We were all better off four years ago, and Joe’s America is a dream that only he and his ever-decreasing ilk could envision.

It is the Democrats that will make Uncle Joe step down while Jill and Naked-Selfie Hunter scream that they can still win. They seem to have been drinking the same Kool-Aid that President Biden has been consuming. 

Jill/Hunter, just know that all of us—all of America—know that you put your own fiduciary interest above the best interest of our country. Shame on you, and your rightful reward will be that Joe will go down as the worst President in history (and that is saying a lot) and the only President in history to drop out just weeks before his own nominating convention when he is pushed out by his own Party.

Barney Bishop III, is a former executive director of the Florida Democratic Party but saw the light and is now happily a Republican. He is a longtime columnist and is the Chief Executive Officer of Barney Bishop Consulting LLC, a strategic public affairs firm in Tallahassee. He can be reached at


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