Green New Deal Will Cost Florida Households $73,000 in First Year, Study Finds

Democrats say that time is not on our side when it comes to addressing climate change–but their Green New Deal (GND) could cost Florida families tens of thousands of dollars in its first year alone.

The GND proposals from some Democrats including presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, would have massive federal spending to invest what they call “climate-friendly infrastructure” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

Some analysts say the program could cost the U.S. economy $93 trillion.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute and Power the Future released a new study which shows, if implemented, Green New Deal programs will cost the average Florida household $73,000 in its first year alone.

Daniel Turner, the CEO of Power the Future, said the GND would put demands on Floridians and its architects have not thought out how its total costs would impact the average taxpayer.

Turner told Florida Daily that companies in Florida, including those in the trucking industry, would take be devastated if the GND was enacted.

“The supporters of the Green New Deal say their goal is to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector through feasible technology. Just one problem. Those technologies that have not yet been invented,” Turner told Florida Daily.

Former state Rep. Lake Ray, now the president of the First Coast Manufacturers Association, said the costs of the Green New Deal would put companies he represents out of business.

“I’m amazed how the supporters of the GND say it will save money for Florida consumers,” Ray said.

Ray said averages Floridians would have to bear the costs of the Green New Deal if it was enacted.

“If companies are no longer allowed to use burning fuel to get around, Florida companies will have to get new vehicles, that’s more cost to the consumers and nobody has mentioned that these same companies will also have to have building retrofits to meet the climate demands under the GND,” Ray said.

Ray said by eliminating these energy sources, there would be massive ramifications to Florida’s economy.


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