In 2021, Florida Drivers Faced Highest Gas Prices Since 2014

After a year mostly characterized by rising gas prices, 2021 ended with prices slowly moving lower. The average in Florida declined two cents in the past two weeks, averaging $3.21 per gallon over the weekend but still higher than 2021’s average price at the pump.

“Since it began, the pandemic has caused a rollercoaster ride for prices at the pump,” said Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group, on Monday. “Gas prices plummeted in 2020 when lockdowns led to lower fuel demand, causing a glut in global fuel supplies. As a result, many countries cut back on crude production, leaving the market vulnerable to what would happen next. In 2021, vaccinations rolled out and demand came roaring back much faster than oil production. As a result, fuel prices skyrocketed to levels not seen in seven years.

“For now, it appears these higher gas prices will hang around well into 2022,” Jenkins continued. “Motorists should expect continued volatility at the pump, as prices will likely ebb and flow, based on news about the pandemic and its implications on global supply and demand.”

The average gallon of gas in Florida in 2021 stood at $2.93, up 82 cents from 2020 and the highest level since 2014‘s average of $3.34 a gallon.

In 2021, the average price for gasoline in Florida started at a low of $2.19 per gallon and reached a high of $3.36 per gallon (November 19). That high was well beyond the highs of $2.56 (2020), $2.80 (2019), and $2.92 (2018).

Florida drivers are now spending $48 to fill an average-sized 15-gallon tank of gasoline. This time last year, a full tank cost $33. In January 2020 it was $37 for a fill-up.

2021 gas prices were heavily influenced by a 78 percent upswing in the price of crude oil. U.S. crude prices (WTI) went from $47 per barrel to a high of nearly $85. For now, crude oil futures prices for 2022 appear relatively benign, trading within a range of $70 to just above $75 per barrel. However, as history has proven, that will change in time.

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