Jimmy Patronis Backs Bill to Empower Florida Department of Financial Services

On Tuesday, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis showcased his 2021 legislative agency package aimed at bolstering efforts within the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) by supporting firefighters, better protecting victims of sexual harassment, and focusing on protecting Floridians from fraud and scams.

“Every year as CFO, I have worked diligently to further support Floridians by enhancing the services provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Our 2021 agency package aims to enhance fraud-fighting efforts to combat rising insurance rates by making it a felony to aid in unlicensed insurance transactions, further supports Florida’s firefighters in their battle against cancer, and better protects victims of sexual harassment against acts of retaliation. It’s no doubt that 2020 brought significant challenges to the state of Florida, but by working together on these measures and others, we can ensure a bright future for our great state,” Patronis said before showcasing two legislators who are backing a bill focused on the DFS.

“Special thank you to Senator Danny Burgess and Representative Elizabeth Fetterhoff for their leadership and support of our agency package and I look forward to working together to enhance DFS services to better support Floridians,” Patronis added.

“I am honored to sponsor SB 1408 and support the Department of Financial Services’ mission to fight fraud and protect consumers. I look forward to this upcoming legislative session and working with CFO Patronis to make sure this good bill gets across the finish line,” said state Sen. Danny Burgess, R-Zephyrhills.

“Fighting fraud, advocating for Florida’s firefighters, and protecting consumers is an important mission. I am honored to have the opportunity to sponsor this good bill and look forward to working closely with CFO Patronis and my colleagues in the legislature to ensure this critical legislation is passed,” said state Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff, R-DeLand.

The legislators have a bill which:

  • Makes it a felony crime for a person to knowingly aid and abet the unlicensed transaction of insurance;
  • Clarifies statute to designate the Division of Public Assistance Fraud (PAF) as a criminal justice agency to bolster fraud-fighting efforts;
  • Enables Firefighter Cancer coverage from the DFS Risk Management Program;
  • Strengthens the Departments’ ability to fight unlicensed activity in the Funeral and Cemetery Services industry; and
  • Fortifies protections for state agencies and universities within the DFS Risk Management Program regarding protections for sexual harassment victims – this allows the department to train against retaliation of a victim by disseminating personal identifying information/


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