Jimmy Patronis Calls on Chicago Businesses to Relocate to Florida

Last week, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis released a video encouraging all Chicago businesses to move to Florida.

“This comes in the wake of Chicago’s newly elected mayor, who has demonstrated a progressive agenda, that could hurt many businesses in the state,” the CFO’s office noted.

Patronis said the following in the video:

Hey, it’s Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis.

I’ve got an open invitation to all those businesses in Chicago that are sick and tired of how they’re being treated.

You just elected another woke mayor who does not care about your safety or security but gladly takes your taxes and spends them whatever way they please.

I think that it’s time, enough is enough.

Come to the state of Florida where you are appreciated.

We understand what you do every day to create jobs, create prosperity, to create personal freedoms, and we appreciate that, we expand upon that, and we create an open, welcoming environment to continue to expand that.

So please, you can find me on Twitter @JimmyPatronis, you can email me at Jimmy.Patronis@myfloridacfo.com.

And look, my door is always open, and I would love to give you a personal tour of this amazing state.

You wake up and see this every single day.

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