Jimmy Patronis Doubles Down on Support of Consumer Protection Bill

On Tuesday, Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis highlighted a proposal to help protect Floridians after a disaster.

Patronis doubled down on his support of legislation from state Sen. Tom Wright, R-Port Orange, and state Rep. Chuck Clemons, R-Newberry.

“Today, the Consumer Protection Act passed it’s first round of committee meetings. With this bill we are sending a message to insurance companies that if you’re going to operate in the state of Florida, you must do what’s right by your customers. No longer should claims handling issues create delays as storm victims rebuild their homes and lives. I shouldn’t have to step in to make sure insurance companies are doing what they should be doing for their customers. Let me be clear: this bill is not a silver bullet; but, it is an important step toward fixing the insurance problems that have plagued Floridians,” Patronis said on Tuesday.

“Thank you to our bill sponsors Chair Tom Wright and Chair Chuck Clemons for their support in this vital legislation. I look forward to working with each of them to strengthen enforcement of the law requiring companies to pay claims in 90 days and make certain these laws work for Floridians and not insurance companies. The Consumer Protection Act will help us build a better, stronger Florida,” Patronis added.

The bill expands the information Floridians have about their insurance coverage at the start of hurricane season and would require insurance companies to settle claims with 90 days. The legislation also “provides fraud protections by cracking down on unlicensed insurance agents and stopping companies from using the term Medicare if that’s not what they do….requires insurance companies to communicate with consumers more effectively when they send a partial payment or initial estimate” and “rids fees on Floridians who are trying to take charge of their credit and protects Floridians from being taxed when their insurance company goes under.”


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