This week, Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis announced that the State Treasury bought an additional $10 million in Israeli bonds, raising the total investment to $60 million.

“This bond purchase brings Florida’s total investment in Israel bonds to $60 million, the largest total ever held by the state of Florida. Under the CFO’s direction, the State Treasury has been investing in Israel bonds to diversify the state’s investment portfolio as part of an important long-range investment strategy. Israel bonds are known to be an investment in a strong economy that has a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology,” the CFO’s office noted.

Patronis weighed in on Thursday on why the Treasury made the additional investments.

“Today, I was proud to announce Florida’s additional $10 million purchase of Israel bonds by our state treasury, marking a historic total investment of $60 million in Israel bonds for Florida. This significant investment further highlights and strengthens the relationship between Florida and Israel, our ally and economic partner in the Middle East. Not only does this purchase provide Florida with a strong and dependable investment, it emphasizes Florida’s commitment to stand with and support Israel and work towards our collective goal to build a better, stronger Florida,” Patronis said.

State Rep. Randy Fine, R-Brevard County, the only Jewish Republican in the state Legislature and an outspoken champion of Israel, praised the new investments.

“Thank you, CFO Patronis for your outstanding leadership and continued dedication to strengthen the Israel/Florida relationship,” Fine said. “Indeed, Jimmy Patronis is the most pro-Israel CFO in the United States.  A strong Israel is good for Florida, and you have been a forceful advocate for the connection between our economies and our people. I am proud that our state now owns the largest amount of Israeli bonds in its history and know that our shared bond will only continue to grow.”

Mark Ruben, the executive director of the Palm Beach County Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds, also weighed in.

“The purchase of another $10 million in Israel bonds, bringing Florida’s investment to a record level, sends a strong statement in support of the significant partnership between Florida and Israel. We are fortunate to have leaders like CFO Patronis who continually seek ways to help create a bright future for Florida through prudent investments in Israel,” Ruben said.

Rabbi Schneur Oirechman, the executive director of Chabad Lubavitch of the Panhandle-Tallahassee, thanked the CFO for his continued support of Israel.

“I applaud CFO Patronis’ unwavering investment in Israel, which exemplifies Florida’s proud history of supporting the people of Israel. The Jewish communities throughout our state continuously help shape Florida’s vibrant culture and contribute to its success; this announcement is an affirmation of that special relationship,” Oirechman said.


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