Jimmy Patronis: Floridians Need to Be Careful When Frying a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Last week, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis warned Floridians of fire dangers when frying a turkey leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday and offered fire safety tips to reduce the chances of an accident.

According to data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), more than three times as many home cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving Day as on an average day of the year. Additionally, the NFPA recommends you test your smoke alarm at least once a month and replace all smoke alarms in your home every 10 years.

“Fire-related accidents can change a life in an instant. That is why it is so important to practice good fire safety habits while in the kitchen, especially during the holidays. Leaving cooking unsupervised is extremely dangerous and I am encouraging all Floridians to follow these critical fire safety tips so you and your family can have a happy and safe Thanksgiving,” Patronis said.

Patronis offered the following Important Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips:

  1. Caution is key when frying a turkey. Set up the turkey fryer far away from your home and ensure sure the ground is level.


  1. The bird must be completely thawed before putting it into the fryer. Hot oil combining with ice or water is a significant fire hazard.


  1. Never overfill a fryer. Oil can pour out of the pot and quickly start a fire.


  1. Keep children away while cooking. Hot surfaces, such as a stove, can cause serious injury. Additionally, steam and splashes can also be dangerous if hot food or liquid is spilled.


  1. Always have a fire extinguisher. Having a Class K (kitchen type) or grease-rated extinguisher can prevent an accident from turning into a tragedy.



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