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Jimmy Patronis: Floridians Saw $27 Million in Unclaimed Property Returned in February

Last week, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis announced that more than $27 million in unclaimed property was returned to Floridians during the month of February.

Since Patronis took office in 2017, more than $1.9 billion in unclaimed property has been returned to Florida citizens.

“My Unclaimed Property team helped spread the love in the month of February by returning $27 million back into the pockets of Florida families and businesses. As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, what better way to celebrate than having a little more green in your pocket. As your CFO, I’ve been proud to highlight the great work my office has done to return every cent of unclaimed property back to its rightful owner. Help us spread the word by encouraging Floridians to recover and claim cash that has been unknown or lost to them. Currently, Florida has unclaimed property accounts with a total value of nearly $2.7 billion. I am encouraging every Floridian to search now for unclaimed property for yourself, your friends, your loved ones, and even your business at There could be a big pot of gold just waiting to be claimed. Try your luck, and claim it today!” Patronis said.

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February 2023 Unclaimed Property Returns by Region:

Pensacola – $464,126
Panama City – $292,634
Tallahassee – $985,308
Jacksonville – $1.8 Million
Gainesville – $260,320
Orlando – $3.7 Million
Tampa/St. Pete – $6.7 Million
Fort Myers/Naples – $2.3 Million
West Palm Beach – $3.6 Million
Miami – $7.5 Million

Unclaimed property is a financial asset that is unknown or lost, or has been left inactive, unclaimed or abandoned by its owner. The most common types of unclaimed property are dormant bank accounts, unclaimed insurance proceeds, stocks, dividends, uncashed checks, deposits, credit balances and refunds. Unclaimed property also includes contents from abandoned safe deposit boxes in financial institutions. Unclaimed property assets are held by business or government entities (holders) for a set period of time, usually five years. If the holder is unable to locate, re-establish contact with the owner and return the asset, it is reported and remitted to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Unclaimed Property.


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