JMI Pushes Insurance Reform in Florida

One of the leading think tanks in Florida pushing free market solutions weighed in on insurance reform on Wednesday.

The James Madison Institute (JMI) released “Roadmap to Reform” from Christian Cámara, a senior fellow at JMI, which finds “three areas of needed insurance reform: assignment of benefits (AOB), personal injury protection (PIP), and tort reform.”

“Florida’s legal environment has been corrupted to benefit a handful of overzealous lawyers and unscrupulous vendors to the detriment of millions of consumers who are paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary insurance costs. But there exists a clear path to solving this crisis, and it should be at the top of the policy agenda. Every day that we don’t act, Floridians pay,” Cámara said on Wednesday.

With the Florida Chamber of Commerce hosting its annual insurance summit on Wednesday, Dr. J. Robert McClure, the president and CEO of JMI, spoke on the subject and call for reform.

“Florida has, despite an exceptionally friendly business environment, struggled with specific practical reforms to our insurance industry. Consequently, our state continues to remain a standout for frivolous lawsuits and abuse of the tort system. Setting our state on the right path requires a fundamental re-examination of both how insurance policies meet the market needs and how abuse of our tort system distorts that market,” McClure said.

“Unfortunately, a relatively small number of bad actors cost the rest of us dearly through higher insurance rates and stifled economic growth,” he added.

McClure sounded an optimistic note as he looked ahead to incoming Gov. Ron DeSantis taking over in January.

“With a new governor and a coming slate of new Florida Supreme Court Justices, we should not let this opportunity go to waste,” McClure said.


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