Joe Biden Turns to Stacey Abrams to Turn Out African-American Vote in Florida

Former Georgia state House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, a rising star for Democrats, hit Florida just days before the election to try and convince African-American voters to show up in larger numbers for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Abrams became a national star for Democrats after almost winning the Georgia gubernatorial race in 2018, a post her party has not held since 2002. She had three stops in Florida this week, hitting Daytona Beach, Orlando and Eatonville, a small town in Central Florida famous for being the first incorporated all African-American city in the United States.

Stumping in Eatonville, Abrams spoke fondly of the town

“It was a place that decided it would exist, even in the midst of racism, in the midst of sexism, in the midst of underestimation, Eatonville said we will be, and this is an election of choice,” she said.

Abrams spent much of her time imploring people to get out and vote.

“We need you to drop that ballot today,” Abrams told the small crowd of socially distanced, mostly minority voters. “Don’t drop it in the mail. We’ve only got six days left, so take it to a dropbox.”

She also encouraged people to vote early, telling them“don’t panic but don’t delay,” pointing out that early voting goes through Saturday and, in many places, early votes can be cast up until Sunday.

Abrams said she thinks the key to a Biden victory lies in an increased turnout, scoffing at the notion there are people still mulling over their pick for president.

“We see these polls that tell us about the undecided voters.  I don’t think there’s a human in America that is undecided between Joe Biden and what we have today. But what they are trying to decide, what they are trying to choose is whether or not they are going to risk voting, whether they are going to risk COVID-19, whether they are going to risk being disappointed again,” Abrams said.

Abrams said she wants engaged Democrats to gather other voters who are not as politically involved and get them to the polls.

“I was reminded earlier of a quote from Frederick Douglass who said he prayed for freedom, but it didn’t come until he prayed with his feet. We have to pray with the hands dialing the names and numbers of our friends who we know…they should vote, but they’ve got a reason why they haven’t,” she said.

With her voice rising, Abrams said she wanted members of the crowd to call 25 people in their contact lists, social media or phones, and “people who owe them money, and people who you owe money to.”

A day after former President Barack Obama ripped into President Donald Trump in Central Florida, Stacy Abrams never mentioned Trump by name. Instead, she called him the current president, or “what we have today.”

After her speech, Florida Daily asked Abrams about Trump’s comment during the second debate that he has done more for African-Americans than any president since Abraham Lincoln.

“I’ve heard that libel before. Once you hear misinformation enough, you learn to filter it out, and I really just hear mrrrr, mrrr, mrrr,” she said.

Abrams was effusive in her praise for Biden during the nine-minute speech.

Trump Victory responded to the visit from Abrams with spokesperson Emma Vaughn telling Florida Daily, “Florida is ready to re-elect President Trump. The unbridled enthusiasm behind President Trump and his pro-growth, America-first agenda will keep the Sunshine State red in November. If Stacey Abrams knew anything about winning, she would be the governor of Georgia right now instead of stumping for basement dweller Joe Biden.”


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