Joe Biden’s Decision to Extend Evictions is Against the Law

Where have we come as a society that we have allowed the president to make a decision about waving evictions when he knows it is against the law?

President Joe Biden knowingly extended the eviction moratorium from July 31 to October which itself was against the law according to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Back in January, the Centers for the Disease Control (CDC) extended the eviction band to July 31 even though it was set to expire in January.  It took seven months in the court system for the Supreme Court to opine in the middle of last month that the CDC was not empowered to make such a decision.

In fact, in Biden’s announcement to extend the eviction ban, he stated that by the time the courts decide against him, the moratorium ban would have already ended.

Is this what democracy looks like now?

Where are the press, elected officials and the citizens that allow the president to act like a dictator?

Matt Schellenberg was first elected to the Jacksonville City Council back in 2011 and won a second term in 2015. He was term-limited in 2019.

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