Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Bad, Democratic Pollster Says

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are so bad that even a prominent Democratic pollster is calling them awful.

“I rarely have seen numbers this bad in recent times,” Mark Penn, a longtime adviser to the Clintons adviser and a pollster, told Fox News.

Penn said recent polls by Quinnipiac University and other pollsters how Biden isn’t hurting just among independents and Republicans but also among Democrats.

The Quinnipiac poll showed Biden’s job approval stood at only 33 percent.

Penn called this very bad news for Bided, noting that in most elections, Democrats and Republicans both claim 40 percent of voters as their base and candidates fight for the remaining 20 percent.

Penn says Biden has lost Republicans, most of the moderates in the middle and with him falling below that 40 percent base level of support, “he’s losing among Democrats,” says Penn.

Polls show that the top issues in 2022 are the economy, COVID, crime and education, all areas where the Biden administration is underwater.

“With inflation and the cost of goods going up, the economy alone right now is enough to hurt Democrats,” said economist Steven Moore.

Democrats are hoping current lower unemployment and positive economic growth will help them in November.

But conservative economist Larry Kudlow, who served in the Trump White House, told Fox News, that the Democrats can’t really take credit for low unemployment numbers.

Kudlow conceded that the unemployment numbers have come down under Biden but insisted new jobs have fallen way below expectations. He also stressed that new jobs that have been created have come in Republican-run states, noting that Biden has largely benefited from actions taken in Republican-led states to keep the economy on track during COVID. These include states that reopened earlier than others as the nation bounces back from the pandemic.

“Republicans have helped these job numbers due to the Republicans cracking down on the jobless benefits,” said Kudlow.

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