Julio Gonzalez: Two Terms is All President Donald Trump Needs to Ensure American Greatness

President Trump won’t need more than two terms in office — his policies will ensure American prosperity for years after.

During a recent campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina, Donald Trump reassured liberal conspiracy theorists that he will gladly vacate the White House in 2025, because by then his policies will have made America stronger than ever before in our history.

The president’s confidence isn’t mere bluster — in just two and a half years in office, he has already managed to accomplish more than most of his two-term predecessors ever did.

President Trump was able to boast that, thanks to his pro-growth policies, deregulation and middle-class tax cuts foremost among them, the U.S. economy has added more than 6 million jobs since January 2017. Likewise, the U.S. unemployment rate recently hit a 50-year low, dropping by more than a full percentage point since President Obama ended his disastrous tenure in the White House.

Donald Trump’s trade policies are also generating benefits for American workers. The president has used a bold strategy of aggressive counter-tariffs to protect U.S. industry from predatory foreign regimes that manipulate the rules of international trade to their advantage and brazenly steal technology and intellectual property from American companies. His strategic tariffs on Chinese imports have been particularly effective, putting immense pressure on the communist government to sign a fair, reciprocal trade agreement.

More importantly, the president has taken concrete steps to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, despite the obstructionism of Democrats in Congress. He used his congressionally-authorized emergency powers to reallocate billions of dollars for construction of the border wall, and the work has already begun. More recently, the president successfully persuaded the government of Mexico to help U.S. authorities combat illegal immigration — a diplomatic triumph that many of his critics said would be impossible. That agreement is already bearing fruit after the first month, noticeably lightening the burden on our Border Patrol agents.

Luckily, Donald Trump isn’t done making America great just yet. Despite relentless obstruction from the Democrats, he is determined to keep fighting for policies that benefit all Americans, especially border security and pro-growth economic policies.

Most of the Democrat presidential candidates aspiring to challenge him have already doomed their own chances. Many have already pledged to repeal the GOP tax cuts if they somehow manage to defeat Donald Trump in 2020, and others are actively supporting radical economic proposals, such as the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-All. At their most recent debate, all 10 candidates on the stage even went so far as to pledge their support for providing “free” taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens.

President Trump is absolutely right — he only needs two terms in office to ensure that Americans prosper for generations to come. His radical Democrat opponents would only need one to wreck this country beyond repair. That’s why we all need to do our part to support Donald Trump in 2020 and deliver a win for him and for America.


Julio Gonzalez founded Engineered Tax Services.


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