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Leaders Across the Nation Need to Reject California’s Energy, Water and Environmental Policies

Blackouts, brownouts, water shortages and uncontrollable forest fires sound like problems that impact third world countries–but they’re not.

California is facing all of these problems and the state’s policies are destroying a once beautiful state. Unfortunately, many states are following California off the cliff. While I hope otherwise, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me and many others that politicians in other states are thinking that California is on the right track with its feel-good policies.

Focusing on renewable energy, including wind and solar, is a fool’s course. Think about it. More electronvolt (eV) options mean more reliable energy which neither wind and solar provide. Shutting down, coal, natural gas and nuclear electrical plants, which provide consistent, diverse and reliable energy, is insane.

Having diverse energy sources prevents blackouts and brownouts but, unfortunately, these days too many soft politicians are afraid to tell the truth about the consequences of relying too much on wind and solar.

How about the water shortages which are now common in many parts of California? The San Joaquin Valley, where many of our vegetables and fruits are grown, consumes vast amounts of water and there are no greater culprits than almonds, walnuts, hazelnut, cashews and pistachio nuts. It takes more than a gallon to grow a single almond and 1,500 gallons for a pound of almonds. Where are the environmentalists? Are California politicians aware that before marijuana was legal, law enforcement was able to determine illegal growers by focusing on high water consumption and high electric usage. Yes, marijuana also consumes a vast amount of our natural resources.

California’s poor land management policies have caused wildfires to spread more easily including the most recent one destroying 200,000 acres of trees and property. Out-of-control wildfires contribute more to air and carbon pollution than hundred of thousand of gas-powered cars.

The states need politicians who are leaders who tell the truth about the consequences of their actions.  The well-being of all their citizens is more important than political parties.


  • Matt Schellenberg

    Matt Schellenberg was first elected to the Jacksonville City Council back in 2011 and won a second term in 2015. He was term-limited in 2019.

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