Overview of Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Núñez

Florida LT. Governor-Elect: Jeanette Núñez

Prior to being elected as Ron DeSantis’ Lt. Governor,  Miami native Jeanette Núñez had a career in healthcare as the Vice-President of Government Affairs at Jackson Health System.

From 2010 to 2018, Núñez served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives  represented parts of Miami-Dade County and Broward County. She succeeded David Rivera, who was unable to seek re-election in 2010. During the 2016 Republican Presidential Campaign, Núñez was a staunch supporter of then Presidential primary candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) until Rubio ended his campaign. In March 2017, Nuñez was appointed to the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, a 37-member commission that reviews and proposes changes to the Florida Constitution

In late 2013, Representative Nuñez began her own company, OnPoint Strategies. She has been working with Jackson Health System, providing them with strategic advice on service line and business development. She has also been tasked to work with the Managed Care Department and Population Health.

Núñez is a graduate of Florida International University, where she earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and international relations. Following graduation, she worked as chief of sfaff for State Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla as his chief of staff, then entered the health care industry, working as the Vice-President of Government Affairs at Jackson Health System. Núñez also worked for Florida International University as an adjunct professor and an advisor. Currently, she works as the Vice-President of External Affairs at Kendall Regional Medical Center and Aventura Hospital and Medical Center.


Ran for Florida House on a campaign that prioritized job creation, deregulation and tax reduction.

On social issues, Núñez is staunchly pro-life, pro gun rights and pro religious freedom. She also voted to limited the number of post-conviction appeals for the death penalty.

On environment and energy issues, Núñez favors fracking and reduction of burdensome business regulations.



  • Voted Yea on HJR 1179 – Prohibits Public Funding of Abortions
  • Voted Yea on HB 1411 – Amends Requirements for Disposal of Fetal Tissue
  • Voted Yea on HB 633 – Requires 24-Hour Waiting Period Prior to Abortion
  • Voted Yea on HB 1047 – Amends Definition of Fetal Viability
  • Voted Yea on HB 277 – Prohibits Abortions During the Third Trimester
  • Voted Yea on HB 1127 – Abortion Law Amendments
  • Voted Yea on HB 97 – Prohibits Insurance Coverage of Abortion
  • Voted Yea on HJR 1179 – Prohibits Public Funding of Abortions

• Voted Yea on HB 1205 – Authorizes random drug testing of state employees.


  • Voted Yea on HB 85-33 – Decriminalizes accidental brandishing of a firearm, and prohibits counties from enforcing stronger gun regulations than the state.
    • Voted Yea on SB 7026 – Establishes the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act
      • Prohibits bump stocks within the state beginning October 1, 2018 (Sec. 13).
      • Prohibits firearm possession by an individual who is “undergoing a mental health crisis” or anyone posing a threat of violence, unless a court has ordered otherwise (Sec. 2).
      • Requires a 3-day waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm to any individual unless they (Sec. 12)
      • Have completed the required background check.
      • Hold a concealed weapons permit or a Florida hunting license; or
      • Are a law enforcement officer or member of the military.
    • Voted Yea on HB 163 – Authorizes Open Carry of Firearms.
  • Voted Yea on SB 290 – Authorizes Concealed Carry During Emergency Evacuations.
  • Voted Yea on HB 753 – Authorizes Certain Individuals to Carry Concealed Firearms on School Property.


Voted Yea on HB 43 – Authorizes Churches to Decline to Perform Certain Marriage Ceremonies.


  • Voted Yea on HB 7007 – Exempts Manufacturing Equipment from Sales Tax – Florida Key Vote

  • Voted Yea on HB 7087 – Increases Certain Business Tax Credits and Sales Tax Exemptions – Florida Key Vote