Man Steals $45,000 to Buy New Teeth & Puppy

Timothy Powell, 52, of Plantation,FL, allegedly scammed an 80-year-old man with dementia whose ID was sold on the dark web. Powell used the idea to purchase new teeth through $40,000 worth of dental work. In addition to the dental work, Powell also planned to purchase a French Bulldog puppy for several thousand dollars. According to a report from WFTV, Powell told investigators that he was recruited by crooks who urged him to have his rotted teeth replaced with pearly white implants to improve his appearance and increase his success rate in future scams.

Powell’s scam unraveled when his victim’s caretaker noticed two large invoices from a  South Florida dental clinic.

“I never heard about anything like that,” the victim’s brother, Jake Brenner, told the outlet. “It’s kind of different.”