Marco Rubio: Americans Need to Take Coronavirus, COVID 19 Seriously Instead of as a Political Game

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., released an online video on Tuesday to offer some information on coronavirus and COVID 19, urging Americans to take them seriously and not dismiss them as part of partisan politics.

“COVID19 is not part of a conspiracy to hurt the president. It is a real threat that will disrupt our economy & our daily lives,” Rubio insisted. “But at a time when we need people to believe truth, the media is undermining its credibility with many by covering this as a partisan political issue.

“COVID19 isn’t a media conspiracy, Trump’s fault or just like the flu,” Rubio added. “It’s a real public health emergency that will have a significant impact on public, economy and our daily lives.

“Coronavirus will require personal responsibility, individual action and effective government measures,” Rubio concluded.

Rubio also showcased tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offering guidance on coronavirus

Also on Tuesday, Rubio took part in a White House lunch and asked President Donald Trump “to support our efforts to invest in diversifying our supply chain, especially in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.” According to Rubio,  Trump “agreed and his team led by Peter Navarro are also working on an executive order to help address this.”

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