Marco Rubio Backs Jim Risch’s Bill to Advance a Strategy to Compete With China

Last week, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., backed U.S. Sen. Jim Risch’s, R-Idaho, bill calling for the federal government to launch a “policy for managed strategic competition” with China.

Risch, who leads Republicans on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced the “Strengthening Trade, Regional Alliances, Technology, and Economic and Geopolitical Initiatives Concerning China Act (STRATEGIC Act),” a bill “which would help advance a strategy for U.S. competition with the People’s Republic of China (PRC).”

“The Chinese Communist Party presents an unprecedented threat to not only U.S. values and interests, but also to the free and open international system characterized by individual freedom and the rule of law – something the United States has carefully built over seven decades,” Risch said. “Any legislation that aims to confront this threat must address the full range of challenges posed by the CCP and marshal broad bipartisan support. That is why I am proud to re-introduce the first comprehensive legislative package on competition with the PRC with several colleagues that have strong records on China. We are committed to working with our Democratic colleagues to ensure the United States and its allies and partners are prepared for this competition.”

Rubio, who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, threw his support behind the proposal.

“For decades, our nation’s two major political parties ignored — and sometimes furthered — the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to undermine our national security interests, industrial capacity and the well-being of American workers,” Rubio said. “Congress and the Trump administration made considerable progress over the past four years in reversing course. The STRATEGIC Act helps to build on much of that work. I urge my colleagues and President Biden to pursue real, meaningful reforms when it comes to capital markets, industrial theft, human rights, and beyond. The time for generic messaging and talking points when it comes to Beijing is over. We must stand firm against the unprecedented threat posed by the CCP.”

Seven other Senate Republicans, including U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, are backing the proposal which was sent to the Foreign Relations Committee last week. So far, there is no companion measure over in the U.S. House.


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  1. You mean like the Trans Pacific Trade pact they voted against which was designed to do just that?
    But since Obama did it, they trashed the best for US trade pack we’ve made in 50 yrs.
    They mostly went ahead without the US/Trump so maybe we can rejoin.
    We need to stop buying Chinese things as just supports the Chinese government, Military and certain things are not coming back so we need other places to make what we don’t.
    Plus the very favorable Us to them in trade the pact radically cut tariffs, etc selling our products there.
    We could make 75% of what we import creating more jobs but Trump actually lost a lot of jobs with his incompetence.
    I did find it interesting when anti China, immigration, etc dem polices were picked up by Trump how you all liked them but not under Obama, the deporter in Chief that deported more and mostly criminals than
    And none of you said anything when it was found out Trump had 200 illegal workers and refused to fine companies that hired them, the keystone Obama used to have them self export as no jobs under Obama, many went home.
    Can you say hypocrite?
    Little Marco is a coward with no more thoughts than to stay in office cowering to Trump. Though to be fair most repubs resemble that now, a pitiful shell of what they were.
    Next elections are coming and we’ll remember what repubs did to us. BTW why is your party shrinking so fast? Could it be you are morally and fiscally bankrupt? For those of you that are slow or in denial, that is yes


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