Marco Rubio Backs Lindsey Graham’s Resolution Supporting Iranian Protesters

This week, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., threw his support behind U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s, R-SC, resolution “supporting the people of Iran as they engage in legitimate protests, and condemning the Iranian regime for its murderous response.”

Rubio and several other Republican senators–U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Joni Ernst of Iowa, James Lanford of Oklahoma, Martha McSally of Arizona and Mitt Romney of Utah–backed Graham’s resolution.

“As the people of Iran bravely take to the streets to protest the corrupt, terror-sponsoring regime in Tehran, the U.S. must send a clear message of support,” Rubio, who serves on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on Wednesday. “These protests demand international attention and media coverage. I will continue to stand with the fundamental rights of the Iranian people to peacefully protest and urge every freedom-loving nation to strongly condemn the Iranian regime for its malign activities and domestic repression.”

“This resolution is designed to lend the Senate’s voice to the noble and just cause of the Iranian people who are demanding their freedom at the risk of life and limb,” Graham said. “I hope every Senator will join this effort and let the world know where we stand regarding the Iranian people’s desire to be free from the murderous regime of the Ayatollah.”

“Once again, the Iranian people are showing tremendous courage by protesting against their oppressive and terrorist-leading regime,” McSally said. “They and their families deserve the freedom God created them to have, just like every person in this world. The American people will continue to stand with the protesters as they risk everything for freedom from their brutal regime.”

“We seek to assure the courageous Iranians who are risking their safety and their futures to publicly protest the corrupt Iranian regime that the US stands with them in their fight against tyranny,” Lankford said. “We must continue to stand with oppressed people around the world and stand against restricting access to the internet, random imprisonment, and the other types of brutality the Iranian regime subjects its own people to. Our fight is with terrorists and those who wish to harm Americans, not innocent people in nations like Iran with governments that do not share our value of human dignity.”

“The Iranian regime’s lies, corruption, and brutality—as the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism—have been met with a clear response from the Iranian people: they have had enough,” Ernst said.  “My colleagues and I are sending a clear signal that we stand in support of the peaceful Iranian citizens protesting the regime’s reckless actions, including the heartbreaking shooting down of a Ukrainian civilian airliner.”

“As the brutal, oppressive, tyrannical Iranian regime finances and exports terror beyond its borders, the men and women of Iran are courageously standing up for freedom,” Cruz said. “One day there will be a free Iran, and America stands shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people. I am committed to working with the administration to do everything possible to support these dissidents, and call on the freedom-loving nations everywhere to publicly express their support for the Iranian people.”

“The Iranian regime violates human rights, opposes the rule of law, and oppresses its people,” Romney said. “We stand with the Iranian people who are risking their lives to demonstrate for freedom.”

“The resolution states the United States Senate:  stands with the people of Iran as they protest their corrupt and oppressive government, condemns the lethal crackdown by the Iranian regime on the peaceful protestors, calls on all peaceful and law abiding nations to support the legitimate protests by the Iranian people, and demands that the Iranian leadership be held accountable for their murderous actions against their own citizens who want nothing less than to be represented by a fair and just government,” Rubio’s office noted.

The resolution was sent to the Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.


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