Marco Rubio Comes Out Swinging at Green New Deal

This week, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., took to the national stage to come out swinging at the Green New Deal embraced by congressional Democrats.

On Monday, USA Today published a piece from Rubio in which he took aim at the Green New Deal.

“While the plan is quickly becoming a litmus test for Democratic presidential candidates, it does not mean it is a serious policy proposal,” Rubio wrote. “In fact, the Green New Deal includes proposals that have nothing to do with Earth’s climate or environment. Progressive elites and “democratic socialists view the plan as a grab bag of their radical agenda to transform America into the kind of socialist utopia that only exists in fiction. Free health care? Check. Free college? Check. Free child care? Check. Free paycheck? Check.

“It appears the effort to ‘save the planet from melting’ is really just a cynical publicity stunt by people who think America is a planet,” Rubio added. “Reality check: America is not a planet, and countries like China would happily watch us jump over the cliff by destroying our economy with the Green New Deal. Here is the truth: While Earth’s climate is changing, there is no credible scenario that will lead to the destruction — or salvation — of the planet within 10 to 12 years, as some Green New Deal proponents allege. Also true: Communities and local businesses in my home state of Florida are already dealing with the very real impacts of rising sea levels, and yet, the Green New Deal will do nothing to address that reality. Thankfully, there are realistic proposals that will make longer-term climate challenges much easier to deal with.”

Rubio pointed to reports showing rising sea levels but insisted that the Green New Deal had nothing to offer on that front.

“What real impact will the Green New Deal, or any plan for that matter, have on Americans affected by rising sea levels?” Rubio asked. “The authors cannot say. As a policymaker, I welcome robust debate, and I appreciate when people on both sides of the aisle offer new ideas to significant issues facing our country. But engaging in publicity stunts designed to pander to a progressive base seeking to repackage socialism will do nothing to address the actual problems Americans are facing every day.

“In many ways, the Green New Deal makes real progress on complex issues like climate change all the more difficult. If the Green New Deal is the new litmus test of the radical left, genuine efforts like the SACS become nonstarters in their eyes,” Rubio insisted. “It is also extremely corrosive to America’s spirit: A Green New Deal fact sheet even proposed giving money to those who are ‘unwilling to work.’ Clearly, the plan’s authors think little of Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown’s ‘The Dignity of Work tour.’ Not surprisingly, labor unions also disagree. ‘We will not accept proposals that could cause immediate harm to millions of our members and their families,’ the AFL-CIO said.

“America has a choice in how it prepares for the future. The Green New Deal might have been a successful publicity stunt, but it is a fundamentally unserious choice. If actually implemented, it would bankrupt our nation and leave our communities more vulnerable. That cannot and will not be the future of America,” Rubio concluded.

First elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010, Rubio was reelected in 2016 after his unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Rubio is up for a third term in 2022.

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