Marco Rubio Rips Into 2020 Democrats for Embracing Socialism

While he is not on the ballot next year, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., shows no signs of staying on the political sidelines, hitting some of the Democratic presidential candidates for embracing socialism.

Rubio penned a piece that ran this week at Fox Business and he took aim at some of the Democrats looking to take down President Donald Trump in 2020.

“Racing each other to the left in a crowded primary environment, Democratic presidential candidates know all too well that they can score progressive kudos for invoking socialism. The results have been predictably unhinged. Last week, Bernie Sanders tweeted that ‘[b]illionaires should not exist,’” Rubio wrote.

Rubio also insisted the rising threat of socialism comes from Americans who don’t understand it.

“At the beginning of the last century, America’s Greatest Generation fought the evils of communism and socialism. Yet today, surveys show Americans’ interest in socialism is rising,” Rubio wrote. “One reason for the shift is simple: Americans growing up today are not familiar with the horrors of communism and the tens of millions killed by reckless state planning in China, the Soviet Union, and elsewhere.

“Socialism is wholly incompatible with America,” Rubio added. “Our unique, entrepreneurial spirit thrives in defiance of the notion of state control of markets. Americans have spent centuries prospering in this tradition of free enterprise, starting businesses to support their families and communities. Nationalizing our most productive industries would be a disaster to both individual freedom and economic outcomes of the country in general.”

Rubio also insisted socialism simply doesn’t work.

“Socialists have no meaningful response when asked to explain the multiple international failures of their ideology and fail to provide a single instance where socialism has been successful. Here’s a hint: there isn’t one,” Rubio wrote. “When we point to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, in which millions of Venezuelans starve because of President Nicolas Maduro’s failures, they have no serious answer. When we point to the brutality of Cuba’s regime, which jails dissidents for the simple crime of speaking out against human rights abuses, they are silent.

“If they do respond, we hear that there was some failure of implementation. Real socialism has not yet been tried, they say. Such claims would be merely tiresome, if not for the destruction socialism has wrought around the globe over the last century,” Rubio continued. “In the end, Americans will reject socialism because it fundamentally runs counter to our way of life. We know you cannot simply dictate strategies top-down to improve a nation’s welfare. Coming together to achieve a common good is a necessarily bottom-up process, one that has withstood the test of time in America and will continue to do so long after the radical left’s obsession with socialism goes out of style.”

First elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010, Rubio is currently in his second term. Before that, he served in the Florida House, rising to serve as speaker.


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