Marco Rubio: Time for Congress to Get More Stimulus Checks Out

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., think it is time for Congress to stop squabbling and start sending checks out to Americans.

Florida’s senior senator wrote a piece for Real Clear Politics where he insisted he and his fellow Republicans are ready to move forward with stimulus checks, likely $1400 per taxpayer. Rubio noted he believes there is already a problem between Democrats in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate on how to move forward.

The House will likely want a large bill with many provisions. Rubio sent out a warning that this will not fly for Republicans in the Senate.

“Any bill packed with controversial left-wing provisions will lack the bipartisan support President Biden hopes to achieve,” Rubio wrote, before dismissing the possibility of Democrats using reconciliation to push the bill through without needing any Republican support. “This stunt would delay relief for months, leaving millions of struggling Americans without additional assistance as their politicians scheme and divide,” he wrote.

Instead, Rubio stressed he would support a slimmed-down version of the stimulus being pushed by some more moderate House Democrats that would focus mostly on direct payments to taxpayers and which would include funds to make sure the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“I know all too well the consequences of politicians exploiting popular, critical legislation as leverage to secure passage for policies that cannot pass on their own” Rubio wrote. “We saw it earlier in the pandemic, when Senate Democrats repeatedly blocked additional funding for small businesses via the Paycheck Protection Program for months on end. We cannot allow direct payments to the American people in this extraordinary time to become bogged down in Washington’s political games.”

Rubio finished his piece by challenging the new president to put the unity he has called for into action.

“I am not prepared to allow that American Dream to wither away. I am sure that President Biden would say the same, which is why he should seize this moment of unity by pushing congressional Democrats to move forward immediately with a targeted relief bill. At a time when Americans desperately need it, we must recognize the positive message it would send to our nation if our parties came together to expand our relief payments to $2,000 with a straightforward, bipartisan bill. Let’s get it done, Mr. President,” Rubio wrote in conclusion.


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