Mark Hedman: 10‭ ‬Companies with Veteran Hiring Programs

Military veterans often have a difficult time transitioning to civilian life after separating from the military. Military life is completely different, and it can be difficult to figure out what career you want to pursue.

Perhaps strapping on a pair of comfortable hiking shoes and leading outdoor adventure groups makes you remember field missions in the military. Or maybe putting on a law enforcement or security guard uniform seems to be a natural fit.

So, here are some companies that have vet hiring programs to show you the opportunities available.

  1. Dog Tag Bakery

This program is unique with a mission to empower veterans with disabilities relating to their military service. Dog Tag Bakery also includes the veterans’ spouses and caregivers in the process as well.

A company that dedicates itself to helping military veterans is an incredible find in the career world. Vets receive education and real-life training in a business, so they gain experience in how it operates. It’s an excellent option for military veterans with service-related injuries.

  1. American Corporate Partners

American Corporate Partners (ACP) helps military service members transition to life outside of the service. Companies that work with ACP give preference to applicants with military experience. They also offer one-on-one mentoring to help these veterans advance in their chosen careers since they understand it’s not always easy. Here are some of the companies that partner with ACP:

      • Intel
      • UPS
      • Johnson & Johnson
      • Lockheed Martin
      • JP Morgan Chase
      • Northrop Grumman
      • The Home Depot
      • Raytheon
      • The Coca-Cola Company
      • PepsiCo
  1. Enterprise Holdings

Everyone knows Enterprise Holdings because of the main companies under it–Alamo, Enterprise and National. Jack Taylor, a World War II Navy veteran, started Enterprise Holdings in 1957 and the values he learned in the military certainly influenced the company. Military veterans come away with values such as team spirit, integrity, doing the right thing and hard work, which are critical to their success in life.

After his career as a decorated fighter pilot, Taylor returned from the military with these core values and a dream. That’s why his company is so strong. It’s a great company that welcomes military service members.

  1. Defense Companies

Defense companies are excellent career choices for military veterans to transition to after their military careers. Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. provides intelligence and defense consulting services. The company helps military service members transition to civilian life via an Armed Forces forum. One-third of Booz Allen Hamilton’s employees are military veterans. The company also offers incredible benefits.

URS is a company that develops weapons systems, other defense technology and military equipment. Since URS focuses on the development of products the military uses, it depends on input from veterans, who also play a vital role in the development of these products.

  1. City National Bank

City National Bank provides entrepreneurs and professionals with financial solutions and personalized services for families and businesses. Some of their biggest clients include people in the entertainment industry, including entrepreneurs attached to 50 percent of the productions on Broadway.

This bank, based in Los Angeles, has operations in Southern California, NYC, Nashville, Atlanta and more. They support hiring military veterans, giving them career opportunities in the civilian world.

  1. Other Financial and Insurance Companies

USAA is one of the most popular insurance companies for veterans because they cater to the military. They also are a military-friendly company when it comes to hiring people with military backgrounds.

Deloitte sponsors the Warrior Games, and they also pledge to double the number of veterans they hire over a three-year period.

  1. Walgreens

Walgreens has several specialized programs for military veterans. Their HERO Program supports veterans with on-the-job mentorships and training. Walgreens also offers military bridge pay and leave to eligible employees, as well as support groups.

  1. Southwest Airlines

A large portion of this airline’s employees includes military vets. They have over 8,000 employees actively serving or with previous service working for them, as well as 1,300 employees who are military spouses.

Southwest Airlines also has several programs for veterans that help transition them to careers outside of the military. They have a neat career translator tool on their website where military members can enter their job code or title to see if it aligns with open career opportunities.

  1. PayPal

PayPal is a globally recognized financial service that employs vets and has a military veterans program called Serve that is a development and outreach program. Through this network, vets help make PayPal a more inclusive and diverse company by leveraging the training and skills to assist PayPal and their teammates.

Many of the company’s locations in the United States have active chapters of Serve, and the program has now expanded to their London office, where British veterans work.

  1. Leidos

Leidos is a company with a strong connection to the military. Twenty-two percent of their 7,200 employees are military vets. This business also helps military members with their transition to civilian life and supports vets with their outreach program, Operation MVP.

Through Operation MVP, Leidos partners with military associations, veteran organizations and military transition centers to find and hire vets. These vets participate in networking and specific career development events focused on the military caregiver/dependent and veteran population. Leidos extends their help for wounded soldiers by offering resume help and interview preparation, as well as career workshops and conducting interview events and job fairs.

The transition out of the military can be incredibly hard since most service members firmly adhere to the military way of life. Careers are different in the private sector, and many vets are still trying to re-establish an active role in their families that is different than their previous one as a service member.

Finding a company that embraces military veterans and their families significantly increases their chances of success. It allows them to partake in rewarding careers while spending more time with their family and friends.


Mark Hedman serves as the CEO for LA Police Gear. Mark oversees a little bit of everything, from product development to walking the dogs from our Valencia, CA headquarters. Before joining LA Police Gear, Mark was just a kid that was very interested in programming and e-commerce. Starting from the bottom, he worked his way up through all stages of the company. Mark loves animals and the outdoors. He tries to spend as much time at the range as possible or hanging out with the pups.


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