Matt Schellenberg: Jacksonville Jaguars Need to Stop Getting Public Funds

Maybe it’s time for taxpayers to cut the cord with the Jacksonville Jaguars and let them fund their own projects.

The Jaguars are asking the city government–the mayor and the Jacksonville City Council–to commit around $870 million to keep the team in Jacksonville.

Let’s recap the cost so far for retaining the Jaguars here in Jacksonville.

The Hart Expressway demolition cost $50 million.

The Lot J project will cost around $220 million.

The Four Seasons Hotel will be another $100 million.

Last week, the Jaguars brass started to focus on improvements to TIAA Stadium which will be around $500 million–and that’s to extend the lease beyond 2030 while a new stadium will, of course, cost far more.

When do the greed of the Jaguars end and the quality of life for the citizens begin?

The Jaguars are 41-101 under Shad Khan with only one winning season while every other season has seen the losses in double digits. Maybe the Jaguars should focus on improving the product on the field before they demand more taxpayer dollars.


Matt Schellenberg was first elected to the Jacksonville City Council back in 2011 and won a second term in 2015. He was term-limited in 2019. He ran for the Duval County School Board this year. 


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