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Miami Dade State Attorney Claims “No Responsive Records” On Release of Five Arrested for Dental Medicaid Fraud

Two weeks ago, Florida Daily reported on a story dubbed the “Tooth Fairy Heist” case, which Governor Ron DeSantis recently assigned to a special prosecutor.

The attorney for the six females —Dr.Celia Roman, Dr. Roxana Delgado, Dr. Ania Cabrerizo, Dr.Alejandra Sanchez, Dr. Dayrys Tejeda, and Dr. Cristina Puig— who were fired by Jacksonville-based dentist Doctor Howard Fetner (sources tell Florida Daily, whom they never met and never came into their office) just received a “no responsive records” message from the Miami Dade State Attorney.

The lack of public records response was made after the dentists’ lawyer asked for public information on why the five arrested individuals in the so-called “Tooth Fairy Heist” Medicaid fraud case were not charged. Dr. Fetner, court records show, has pleaded the 5th Amendment to avoid self-incrimination more than 450 times when asked about the actions surrounding the firing of the six women in Miami.

The request was made for more information connected to an April 2023 email written by Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office Michael Spivack (view HERE) in the alleged dental fraud Medicaid scheme. Emails inside the State Attorney’s office indicate there is more information around the arrests, yet the Miami Dade SA said in their official response there were “no responsive records.” The request specifically asked for documents related to a May 2023 interoffice memo that described a dismissal of charges, and specific documents were requested to further detail how the office decided not to act on the five arrests.

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The April email from a previous public records request shows that Deputy State Attorney Michael Spivack said, “I truly believe that Ryon is guilty, and the State has sufficient evidence to prove it.”

While the Miami Dade State Attorney is not providing records, further information around the emails within their office could be something Governor DeSantis’ newly-appointed independent attorney, State Attorney Brian Kramer, will request himself.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Karmas Cumming

    May 20, 2024 at 2:34 pm

    Who in the State of Florida will stand for the 5 innocent people that had to turn themselves in to be arrested that have been used liked pawns in a chess game for the rich to play with as toys?

    Mellado and Cabrerizo should be ashamed of themselves and the 5 other dentist too. The lies (PERJURY) told by Mellado, Cabrerizo, Tejeda, Puig, Sanchez, Delgado, Roman and Velez needs to come to light and they need to be held accountable for hurting innocent people. It is a CRIME to lie and make up stories about people.

    Enough is enough with the game the liars are playing. They need to be stopped and held accountable – Will someone do the right thing or is it all about money? Who says these “Doctors” are honest or even telling the truth? THEY ARE ALL LIARS.

    YOU SOLD your Dental practices – MOVE ON to bigger and better. Oh that’s right you can’t move on you had to practically duplicate the OLD offices. Is that normal? Manipulation is the only thing you are good at. Soon EVERYONE will know the TRUTH about YOU.

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