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Miami Democrats Want State Legislature to Mandate Florida Landlords Provide Air Conditioning

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Last week, state Sen. Jason Pizzo, D-Miami, and state Rep. Michael Grieco, D- Miami, filed a proposal that would require Florida landlords to include air conditioning (A/C) as a required amenity.

Currently, Florida law requires landlords to provide heat, but not A/C.

The proposal from Pizzo and Grieco adds one word which would rectify this issue.

“It is completely reasonable for tenants to request and require A/C,” Pizzo said.

“I find it ironic that the state responsible for the invention of the air conditioner does not protect tenants from the heat by requiring landlords to provide A/C. When I mention to folks that Florida law requires renters have heat but not air conditioning I see looks of confusion in response. Arizona requires A/C, and Florida should too. In a world of no-brainer bills I would put this one toward the top of the pile,” Grieco said.


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