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Miami Ranked the Worst City for a ‘Good Night’s Sleep’ in Recent Study

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A new data study reveals the US cities that are the worst for a good night’s sleep, with Miami, Florida beating Boston and New York City to the top. 

Pure CBD Now, a leading fungi retailer, conducted research analyzing the fifty most populated cities in the US, using US Census data.

Data was gathered on the average noise levels for each city, sourced by ArcGIS.

The dB (decibels) measurements sourced are a combination of two noise models at the US Department of Transportation: the road noise model and the Aviation noise model.

Traffic noise modeling involves assessing and predicting traffic noise, and aviation noise models are used to efficiently and accurately predict the levels of aircraft noise exposure produced over a geographic area. 

Using these combinations, the cities were then ordered from highest average decibel rating to lowest. The ranking uses the mean dBA, which is the adjusted decibel measurements that also consider different sound frequencies and the varying sensitivity of the human ear.

24-hrLAeq is the equivalent continuous sound that contains the same sound energy as a sound that varies over time.

Miami, Florida, is officially the nation’s worst city for a good night’s sleep, with a mean dBA of 52.31, the highest in the country, including New York City.

Miami is known for being a lively and bustling city, which can contribute to its high noise levels. Particularly as a major urban center, Miami experiences significant traffic congestion. 

Miami has also seen substantial growth and development over the past few decades, and construction and real estate development projects will also create a lot of noise during the day.

Boston, Massachusetts, is the second worst state for a good night’s sleep, with a mean dBA of 49.28.

Boston is home to numerous universities and colleges, and its large student population contributes to the city’s bustling atmosphere.

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston also attracts many tourists.

New York City is renowned for its high noise levels due to its vibrant, bustling atmosphere. It is the third-worst state for sleep, with a mean of 48.93 dBA.

New York City is known as “the city that never sleeps.” Its vibrant nightlife scene features bars, clubs, and late-night restaurants that remain active into the early hours and generate noise.

Popular tourist spots like Times Square, Central Park, and Broadway are always bustling with activity and noise.

Chicago, Illinois, ranks the fourth noisiest, with a mean 48.18 dBA. 

Areas near O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport experience frequent air traffic noise, which can disrupt sleep, particularly during late-night and early-morning hours.

Chicago also has a dense network of roads and highways, with a significant amount of traffic. Engines, horns, and sirens from emergency vehicles contribute to the city’s noise.

Louisville/Jefferson County in Kentucky is the fifth worst city for sleeping. With a mean of 47.95 dBA, major highways such as I-64, I-65, and I-71 pass through Louisville, contributing to traffic noise. 

Also, the presence of freight trains and the Louisville International Airport adds to the noise.

Rounding out the top ten are Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Long Beach, and Oakland.

The best cities for a good night’s sleep included Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville, Florida, is the study’s fourth quietest city. With a mean of 38.96 dBA, residents can sleep in peace and quiet. Jacksonville’s coastal location reflects its laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. There is less emphasis on round-the-clock activities and nightlife, contributing to a quieter overall environment.

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