Mike Muldoon Looking to Make a Big Impact on the Jacksonville City Council

More than 50 candidates have filed to run for office in this year’s Jacksonville municipal elections.

In District 9, Mike Muldoon, the only Republican running against five Democrats, including the incumbent, has shot out of the gate, raising more money than his rivals combined, helped by the support of some of the most prominent names in Jacksonville.

Muldoon has been endorsed by a host of former and current elected officials, including current City Councilwoman Randy Defoor, former City Council Presidents Michael Corrigan, former Lad Daniels, Kevin Hyde and Scott Wilson and current Duval County Tax Collector Jim Overton.

“Today, I am excited to endorse Mike Muldoon to become the next City Council member for District 14. His business experience, depth of knowledge and willingness to work with anyone to solve problems make him uniquely qualified to represent the people of District 14. He will work tirelessly to make Jacksonville stronger,” said DeFoor.

Muldoon has been a Jacksonville resident for more than 30 years, working as a Certified Public Account before retiring as the managing partner of Jacksonville’s largest public accounting firm, where he presided over $45 million in revenues while growing the staff by 60 percent.

Defoor said Muldoon’s business background and his almost four decades in public accounting would help if he is elected to the City Council.

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