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NASA Administrator Bill Nelson Speaking About Florida and Space in Tallahassee on Friday

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator Bill Nelson, who served three terms in the U.S. Senate, will appear in person to address “Florida and the Future of Space” in a luncheon speech before the Economic Club of Florida this Friday, October 1, from noon to 1 pm at the Florida State University Alumni Center in Tallahassee.

The Miami and Melbourne native, who flew in space as a congressman, will share the latest on America’s planned return to the moon, a manned spaceflight to Mars, and his other goals for the space agency. He has a storied career of public service to Florida, serving as a state representative, a U.S. representative, state insurance commissioner and treasurer, and most recently U.S. senator.

Nelson will also discuss the growing privatization of commercial spaceflight and its impact on Florida.  Florida’s Cape Canaveral was the birthplace of U.S. spaceflight in 1958 with Project Mercury. Today, the space industry in Florida comprises 17,144 aerospace-related companies employing more than 130,000 employees, according to Space Florida.

“We look forward to Administrator Nelson’s return to the Economic Club of Florida to share how he can help make sure that Florida remains the manned-spaceflight capital of America,” said Club President Barney Bishop, a frequent contributor to Florida Daily.

“The space program is a historical and critical part of Florida’s booming economy, especially as the boundaries of space expand by the growing number of private firms engaged in space launches and spaceflight,” said Bill Moor, the club chairman and president of Capital City Investments and Capital City Trust Company, which is sponsoring the address.  “We’re honored that Administrator Nelson can join us to share his vision of this critical new frontier and economic driver.”


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