National Hispanic Energy Council Starts Campaign to Lower Hispanic Households’ Energy Burden

This week, the National Hispanic Energy Council (NHEC), founded to bring a Hispanic voice to the energy policy debate, convened Hispanic leaders in Palm Beach County to launch a campaign to reduce the 20 percent higher energy cost burden Hispanic households face due to costly energy policies.

The NHEC announced a plan to actively engage policymakers, elected officials and the public to create greater understanding and action to reduce the excessive costs the Hispanic community is facing. The NHEC chose Palm Beach County for its inaugural meeting to highlight the vibrant entrepreneurial Hispanic community there and demonstrate the impact high energy prices have on it.

“Good energy policy is good economic policy. We are here to advocate for good energy policy that prioritizes American assets, that makes it easier to build the energy industry and infrastructure and provide the best environment for the American dream to thrive and prosper,” said NHEC Chairman Julio Fuentes who is also president and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “Making energy more expensive hurts the American dream.”

“Hispanics start businesses at…three to five times the rate of any other segment of the population. We’re entrepreneurial. We create jobs. What is important here for us to realize is that energy plays a big role in the success or failure of our businesses,” said Lazaro Mur, the cofounder of the Latino Coalition of the Palm Beaches. “The higher the cost of energy, the lower the profit. That means we cannot employ the number of people we want, we can’t provide the opportunity for people in our community.”

“There is a lot of partisanship in energy policy. It’s disheartening because when you have to use food stamps, it’s not a Democrat or Republican issue. There are no partisan lines when you are waiting in line to get your welfare check,” said Cimmaron, New Mexico Mayor Matthew Gonzales, the NHEC’s vice chairman and the Southwest director of the Consumer Energy Alliance. “In my state, we have a Democratic governor who has made energy and environmental policy work together, but I see many fellow Democrats trying to make energy more expensive by cutting off things like natural gas and even wood in our forests. People deserve economic opportunities and access to affordable energy, so we can drive and thrive into the future.”

“For us in the Hispanic community, it’s very important to realize the American dream. The American dream is fueled by economic choices that are dependent on energy policies that empower our community,” said George Garrido, the CEO of Financial Management Strategies and the chairman of the Hispanic Vote of Palm Beach County. “What we are seeing from the Biden Administration is economic disempowerment. Their energy policy has turned us into beggars in the world, begging OPEC and making deals with the oppressive, tyrant Maduro regime in Venezuela. These choices have handicapped our entire economy and our Hispanic community even more, and they are counter to American interests, our community’s interests and are frankly insane.”

The NHEC is recruiting from among Hispanic leaders and corporate partners to convene its inaugural Board of Advisors.

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