New Poll Shows Most Americans Don’t Trust Biden to Offer Accurate COVID Information

According to a new Axios-Ipsos poll, 53 percent of Americans said they did not have faith in President Biden when it comes to providing accurate information about COVID-19.

Back in January, most Americans–58 percent–trusted Biden to offer accurate information on COVID while 42 percent of those surveyed did not.

Biden has the support of his Democratic base on the matter with 81 percent of Democrats saying they trust Biden to offer accurate information but even that represents a decline of 11 percent from the start of the year. Turning to independents, 42 percent of them said they trusted the president on the matter, a decline of 17 percent, while 11 percent of Republicans say the same, a decline of 10 percent from January. If Biden continues to struggle on this front, there could be trouble for Democrats in the 2022 election cycle.

The poll also showed that Americans are still angry that the virus is still around after all the shutdowns, mask mandates and vaccines. The poll also found that people are living their lives by not worrying about airline travel, dining out or visiting family and friends and parents feel more comfortable sending their children back to school.

According to the poll, Americans also do not trust the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with 64 percent saying they do not trust that agency to provide accurate information on COVID-19 while half of those surveyed–50 percent–said they do not trust state governments on the matter.

Trust in the media has also declined when it comes to if they can be trusted with providing information on COVID-19.

The poll found that trust in network news on the matter has dropped to 45 percent, in national newspapers to 41 percent, in cable news to 34 percent and in conservative news outlets to 26 percent.

However, many Americans remain worried about COVID-19 with 60 percent saying they believed returning to pre-coronavirus life would be “a large or moderate risk” while 78 percent said they were “concerned” about the virus.

More than half of those surveyed– 55 percent–said they wanted their employers to require employees to be vaccinated.

The poll of 1,105 Americans was taken from Sept. 24–27 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.2 percent.

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