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New Report Ranks Top 5 ‘Most Sought After’ Jobs in Florida

Analysts recently released a list of Florida’s top five ‘most sought after’ jobs, and the airline industry can claim two of the spots. Analysts at Class Central, an online courses aggregator, researched the number of monthly Google searches for over 100 different job roles, including terms such as ‘how to become a [job role]’ and ‘[job role] salary’, to determine the most wanted careers in Florida.

With an average monthly search volume of 24,488 searches, flight attendant is the most sought-after career. With an average salary of around $64,000 in the US, this job involves ensuring the safety, security, and comfort of passengers on an airplane,” Class Central wrote. “It is possible to become a flight attendant with just a high school diploma. However, some airlines may have additional requirements, such as a college degree or fluency in another language for international flights.

Second place went to phlebotomist, with 20,823 monthly average searches. While the annual salary isn’t exceptional at an average just under $40,000, the position doesn’t require a college degree. People in this job role are responsible for drawing blood from patients or donors. Becoming a phlebotomist requires a high school diploma, a qualification from an accredited phlebotomy program, and a national certification.

The medical field touts two of the top three most sought after jobs. There are 13,059 average monthly Google searches for terms related to a career in nursing. Anybody wanting to become a nurse in the US must gain a nursing degree, pass the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses, and obtain a state license. The average salary for this profession in the US is over $80,000.

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Welders finished fourth, with an average of 11,050 searches.The average salary for welders in the US is around $47,000. Typically, the qualifications required for this career are a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as technical and on-the-job training. The job involves working with metal, assembling pieces together and repairing damage using heavy machinery.

Finishing out the top five is pilot, which has an average monthly search volume of 11,044 . The average salary of an airline pilot in the US is over $200,000.

“It is fascinating to see such a diverse array of jobs in the ranking, reflecting the different skills, passions and ambitions of people in the state,” said Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central. “This research highlights the boundless possibilities that exist in the professional landscape, and it will hopefully inspire people to pursue the best career for them.”


Monthly average search volume data was taken from Google Keyword Planner based on searches over the 12 months between April 2023 and March 2024 to reveal the five job roles with the highest average monthly search volume per 100k citizens.

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