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Florida School Safety Bill

The Florida Legislature updated some school safety provisions. It includes schools to keep all entrances and exits to classrooms, buildings, and the greater campus locked whenever students are present. There is some pushback from local school district officials who say that keeping everything secured could cost millions of dollars and limit students’ and staff’s ability to move freely throughout the school. Other safety measures being discussed are visitors must pass through a secure entrance to get into the administration office, and have their ID checked before passing through another locked door to get into any area where students are present.

More Money Coming into State Government

Florida’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research says the state’s general revenue exceeded expectations by $411.4 million in the month of April. During that same period, the state collected $4.1 billion in revenue.  Most of Florida’s general revenue comes from sales tax collections. Corporate income taxes also came in higher than expected, $66.7 million, totaling $294.6 million. For 10 straight months, more revenue has come in than projected from a jump in consumer spending and a rebound in tourism.

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Florida’s New Office of Ocean Economy

Florida lawmakers established this entity as a statewide effort to harness public and private research, education, technology, and business applications involving water. Supporters said the effort is a to establish positioning of the state in a global economy.

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