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Opinion: Those Who Hide Behind Masks Are Fascist Cowards

One does not have to go far back in history to find hypocrisy masked behind righteous indignation. Frankly, the hypocrisy on these campuses besieged by radical protestors is as ripe as freshly picked fruit. These past few weeks have yielded an orchard full of masked hypocrites, and the abundant crop grows daily.

Turn on the news; any channel will do. You will see masked groups breaking into university buildings, blocking students from attending classes or studying in the library, and amazingly, even demanding to be fed while asking for full amnesty for their law-breaking acts. The protests and the masks only serve as veils for the real reasons these anarchists gather. These protests are fully directed by those fascists who are using the foment in Israel and Gaza as an excuse to foster anarchy.

Does anyone really believe there are protestors driven by freedom for anyone? They seek the destruction of a nation-state and the removal of a nation of people. These protestors are funded by those who would rejoice at the collapse of Israel, and importantly, the erosion of the United States. There is no allegiance to the flag or to the Republic for which that flag stands. These protests are too organized, too planned, too smoothly supplied, and too redundant to be anything but a large-scale operation designed and funded by enemies of freedom.   

History is replete with the scourge of fascism. Less than a century ago, there was a small, organized movement that used overt scare tactics and manipulatory gimmicks to blame a small segment of the population for all the ills of the depression and its effects on the economies of Europe. That same movement had plenty of roots in our own country, as Nazi groups flourished across the land, even to the extent of having huge conventions with fiery oratory, along with scarecrow enemies and boogeymen being blamed for all of the ills. Spend some time reading the history of the fascist National Socialist movements. Frankly, the depths of how quickly a well-organized group using psychological tactics and planned public relations can grow roots and flourish should scare us all. Propaganda, when well placed, serves to dominate the public square and to drive the political discourse. If your eye can be forced from the real issues and your concerns are driven by anything other than reality, you stay off-kilter, and the rot continues to grow unabated.

Spineless university leaders serve only to fertilize the distractions. Imagine any leader allowing buildings to be broken into, allowing students and staff to be impeded, curtailing the educational purposes of the institutions, and encouraging by inaction the normal flow of events in an institution of higher learning. The higher learning we should be gaining from all of this can be becoming aware that those who seek to disrupt that which you hold in value have figured out how to use the very freedoms we hold dear hostage while using the well-known rules for radicals to play us off against each other.

To remain silent in the face of anarchy is to foster that anarchy. It is well past time for tolerance on these campuses. Shut these protestors down. Expel and then arrest any students who are involved. My suspicion is that few are really students. Then, if they reside on those campuses, do like the landlords and police do when renters are evicted. Throw their worldly good to the curb. If they are not students occupying these university grounds and buildings, then arrest them and remand them for as long as possible before hearings. Those who seek to disrupt and destroy are not worthy of the rights and privileges we freely bestow. Revoke visas. Send them home where their protests will ring hollow.


  • Dr. Ed Moore

    Dr. Ed Moore served for many years as the president of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) and has served in both the legislative and executive branches of Florida government. Prior to ICUF, Dr. Moore was staff director for Policy, for Worker’s Compensation, for Medical Liability and for Public Safety and Security in the Florida House of Representatives. Dr. Moore also worked in the private sector for 21 years and has experience in areas ranging from multi-state commercial development and utilities, public safety, mental health, corrections, education at all levels, to higher education.

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