Orlando City Commissioner Tony Ortiz Takes Over as President of Florida League of Cities

At the end of last week, the Florida League of Cities announced the election of its officers for the 2020-2021 term. The officers were elected and installed during the association’s annual business meeting.

Orlando City Commissioner Antonio “Tony” Ortiz was elected president of the Florida League of Cities, comprised of 411 municipalities in the state. Ortiz will serve a one-year term. During his inaugural address, he announced his presidential priority for the coming year, “Building Stronger Cities: Organizing, Empowering & Delivering.”

“Knowledge is not just power. Knowledge changes paths, creates vision and opportunities, transcends limitations, saves lives and promotes integrity. Knowledge is the foundation with which, as the new president of the Florida League of Cities, I intend to pave the way for our state to Build Stronger Cities,” said Ortiz. “This is the year for every resident of the state of Florida to learn the ways of government. It is time to develop a new generation of well-informed Floridians, that will know exactly what to expect from our legislators, that will hold them accountable, and keep them committed to the needs of the community. This is the year to bring the power of government back to the people.”

The “Building Stronger Cities” initiative will include engaging workshops, videos, a dedicated website for residents, printable and digital materials available in multiple languages and more.

Ortiz will join other Florida leaders serving as officers with the Florida League of Cities for the 2020-21 term including:

Florida League of Cities 1st Vice President: Phillip Walker, commissioner, City of Lakeland

Florida League of Cities 2nd Vice President: Jolien Caraballo, councilwoman, City of Port St. Lucie

A Marines veteran who served with the Orlando Police Department, Ortiz was first elected to the Orlando City Commission in 2008.


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