Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi threw her support to blogger Javier “Javi” Manjarres‘ campaign to unseat U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Fla.

Bondi endorsed Manjarres, who runs the Shark Tank blog, on Tuesday.

Javi Manjarres and Congressman Ted Deutch

“I have known Javier for many years and can attest to his indisputable commitment to preserving our American way of life,” Bondi said in the endorsement. “He is one of the strongest conservatives on the political playing field today, and I am confident that when elected to the U.S. Congress, his unique approach of addressing issues facing our nation will serve his constituents – and all Americans well.”

For his part, Manjarres welcomed Bondi’s support.

“I appreciate the support that Attorney General Bondi has extended to my congressional campaign. I am proud of the work she has done for our state, especially her ongoing effort to eradicate the opioid epidemic, and her support for President Trump’s pro-American agenda.”-  Manjarres said.

Despite the endorsement, Manjarres does not have an open shot at the Republican nomination. Businessman Nicolas Kimaz and mortgage broker and veteran Eddison Walters are also running for the Republican nomination. Manjarres is considered the favorite to win the primary come August.

Deutch has a primary of his own as businessman Jeff Fandle is also running for the Democratic nomination. In recent years, Deutch has had no problem wining Democratic primaries, even claiming more than 90 percent in one contested primary.

First elected to Congress in a special election back in 2010, Deutch has moved up the congressional ranks fairly quickly and currently leads Democrats on the U.S. House Ethics Committee and on the U.S. House Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee. From that later perch, Deutch has been a strong supporter of Israel including opposing President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran though he has also criticized President Donald Trump’s effort to end that agreement.

This South Florida district is generally regarded as secure for the Democrats.

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  1. What was Pam Bondi thinking, endorsing Violent Criminal Ex-Con Javier Manjarres for U.S. Congress?

    In addition to being arrested for attempted murder, and driving into a mans apartment, breaking down his door and assaulting the man in his own home, Javier Manjarres has case involving violence filed against him by three different people. Broward Circuit Court show records these case which include violence have been with in the last 18 month;

    DVCE17000193 Yuliya Engle Petitioner vs. Javier Manjarres Respondent Stalking Violence 01-09-2017 Disposed;

    DVCE17004202 Wendy L Lutheran Petitioner vs. Javier Manjarres Respondent Dating Violence 05-31-2017 Disposed;

    DVCE18000217 Arturo Manjarres Petitioner vs. Javier Fabian Manjarres Respondent Domestic Violence 01-09-2018 Disposed;;

    is this the person Republicans think should represent the party in November? Whatever happened to drain the swamp?


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