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Plurality of Americans Oppose Government Funding of National Public Radio

According to a new poll by the Daily Mail, a plurality (44%) of Americans say that National Public Radio (NPR) should not receive taxpayer subsidies.

Of 1,400 US adults surveyed, 26% supported government funding of NPR, 31% said they were uncertain.

Just over 50% of Republican voters support cutting funding, and overwhelming support from Democrats, like NPR getting government subsidies.

The topic of government funding of NPR arose when, just recently, one of its senior editors, Uri Berliner, admitted the broadcast entity had an obsession with promoting woke news stories and targeting Trump right after he was elected in 2016.

Berliner also confessed that there was no balance in its newsroom, and the entire news division in DC was all filled by Democrats.

Tim Graham from the Media Research Center (MRC) told a congressional committee that over 90 percent of the airtime for both PBS and NPR was given to left-wing ideology on climate change and gender stories.

“MRC has the bias on National Public Radio. NPR and PBS have for their entire existence made a mockery of language in the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 that mandated objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature,” said Graham.

But liberals downplay the amount NPR gets from the federal government, but this year, they received over $500 million from Congress.

David Williams from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance says he is stunned that Republicans still refuse to defund or eliminate taxpayers’ dollars to fund NPR.

“We all know NPR and PBS are very liberal, but if the government was to subsidize conservative talk radio or TV, the left would be outraged and would oppose it,” said Williams.


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