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Poll Finds Increasing Support for State Marijuana and Abortion Amendment

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Over the last two months, several surveys have shown a lack of support for the marijuana and abortion amendments, but a recent poll may reveal a seismic shift.

A Fox News Florida poll on these two issues shows a jump in support from Florida voters, especially on the marijuana issue.

Around two-thirds of voters say they will vote “yes” on both amendments, passing the 60% threshold that is needed.


Amendment 3, which would make marijuana legal for adults ages 21 and older, has 66% of Florida voters in favor of it, with 32% opposing it.

Over the last couple of months, several polls were taken on Floridians’ view of the marijuana topic, and most were not in favor of it.

In April, three polls were conducted. USA TODAY/Ipsos found that less than 50% percent supported the Amendment 3 poll. Fox News also found the same result where only 49% of those polled said they’d vote for the measure and Florida Atlantic University also found less than 50% support.

In May, the Florida Chamber of Commerce found that 58 percent of Florida’s likely voters back the legalization measure.

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So why the shift in support? “It’s education. Voters are starting to hear the benefits of passing this amendment,” said Steve Vancore from Vancore Communications.

Fox News poll found positive support from all three political groups: 76% of Democrats, 71% of Independents and 57% of Republicans support legalizing marijuana. 


Amendment 4: The same four polls in April and May showed less than 50% support. But the Fox Poll now shows a jump in support. 69% of Florida voters support the issue, and 27% oppose it.

Among the political parties, the abortion amendment has support from 90% of Democrats. 70% of Independents and a near split among GOP voters with 50% in support, 45% opposing it.


Gov. DeSantis’ approval rating is 52% approve, 47% disapprove. But his numbers are higher than Bidens, who only had a 43% favorable view with 57% disapproving.


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