Richard Goble: I’m the Republican Favorite to Take On Stephanie Murphy in Central Florida

Richard Goble describes himself as the favorite to win the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla.–or at least that’s what he said he was told from some GOP leader in Washington.

Goble, a stock and mortgage broker, said he has been fighting the elites for decades and sees his congressional run as a similar challenge. No candidate Florida Daily has interviewed so far in the race has used the word “swamp” more often than Goble when referring to Washington, D.C.

“I know the beast out there,” Goble told Florida Daily. “I know who is coming up with the money, who is funding these politician’s election, and I know to stand up against them and do what is right for our community.”

Goble said he is an unabashed supporter of President Donald Trump, telling Florida Daily, “I like everything that he’s done.” He railed against the impeachment effort and the way the president has been treated.

“He has brought to the surface, basically, how politics and how the political machine has controlled this country for years and he beat them. Of course, they hate him for that,” Goble said.

Goble is planning a similar fight if he can defeat his Republican challengers in the primary and Murphy in November, telling Florida Daily his three decades in Central Florida, including raising his kids there, makes him a good fit to represent the area.

“Every time I am voting on legislation, I’m thinking of everybody living here in Central Florida and what will be best for them. Not what is best for Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and other big banks that donate to my opponent,” he said.

Goble’s priorities will naturally lie in the area where he has the most knowledge: financial institutions.

“I would like to provide access to capital markets for military personnel, that way they could start their own business. The crowdfunding that is put together is a joke,” Goble said, admitting his plan does not come without risk. “It is risky, but that is what built this country. That’s what made us the greatest economy in history, capital formation. Unfortunately, it’s been choked off.”

He said he thinks access to capital now in the form of loans is not that helpful because it is still debt which is a liability and large brokerage firms have ruined small companies’ ability to effectively raise money via penny stocks. Goble wants to allow more stock markets, including offering more opportunities for women and minorities.

Goble also said he backs Trump’s agenda.

“He understands regulations and how it hurts individuals, and I think he understands how capitalism, if it is done right, is the best system in the world,” he said before particularly praising Trump’s foreign policy, noting that terror attacks are down.

“I think what Trump is doing with Israel is spot on. I think he is the only president we’ve had with courage to go in and defend Israel since it was created in the 40s and I think that is important,” Goble said.

Goble said Murphy is part of the “swamp.”

“She doesn’t represent that people that vote her in. She represents the swamp and they are donating heavily to her campaign in order to convince people through media that they should vote for her even though her representations are not our views,” he insisted,  pointing to Sunrail and toll roads as examples of how she has not helped Central Florida enough.

“If the federal government wanted the railroad transportation, they should fully fund it, and they should pay for raising the tracks above the roads so that everyone does not have to sit in traffic. Right now, it is actually cheaper to buy a new car for everyone that is riding Sunrail than shipping them back and forth,” Goble added.

Goble faces a very crowded field for the Republican nomination as DeBary City Councilman Stephen Bacon, businessman Thomas Delia, businesswoman Chelle DiAngelus, businessman Sean Jackson, attorney Eddie Mejias, businessman Mike Thibodeau, Dr. Leo Valentin and businessman Yukong Zhao are also all running in the primary.



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