Rick Scott: Republicans Need to Reject Joe Biden’s Budget Proposal

Last week, following the release of President Joe Biden’s budget, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., offered his take on it.

Scott portrayed it as Biden’s “massively reckless $6.8 trillion budget proposal” when he weighed in on it.

“If President Biden gave a damn about keeping the American Dream alive, he would stand up and reject the failed, woke agenda that has clearly taken over his party,” Scott said. “The budget he proposed today shows he has no interest in doing that. Enough is enough.

“Biden likes to say, ‘show me your budget and I’ll show you what you value.’ The budget he proposed today shows the American people he doesn’t value them. If he did, he would get serious about rolling back burdensome regulations and focus on growing the economy so American business can create more, good paying jobs. Instead, he is sticking with his 87,000 IRS agent army to go after struggling families and small businesses. If he actually cared about families in the Sunshine State, and saving Social Security and Medicare, he would put forward a plan to balance the budget, start reducing our $31 trillion debt and end the reckless spending that is fueling skyrocketing inflation, driving up interest rates and pushing entitlement programs toward insolvency,” Scott added.

“Biden’s latest budget proposal does nothing but confirm what we already know: he is hopelessly powerless against the woke, socialist left. Yet another reason that Republicans in Washington need to stand up, stop caving to Democrats and demand a return to fiscal sanity,” Scott concluded.

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