It doesn’t matter what regular Americans think because the 2020 Democrats will do all the thinking for them, evidently.

The presidential candidates made clear during their recent debates in Detroit that they’re not going to tone down their outrageous rhetoric just because most Americans think they’re out of their minds.

Despite the fact that the policies they’re pushing are enormously unpopular with the American people, the Democrats participating in the second presidential debate refused to modify their extremist views, even when they were specifically asked about the widespread perception that those stances are damaging their electability.

Senator Bernie Sanders, for instance, insisted that his unhinged ideas are perfect for America, arguing that there’s nothing radical about letting the federal government take control over practically every aspect of our lives.

“Five minutes away from me…is a country, it’s called Canada,” Sanders hissed while defending his “Medicare for All” proposal that would take private health insurance away from millions of Americans. “They guarantee health care to every man, woman, and child as a human right … I believe that, I will fight for that.”

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg was even more forceful, saying the candidates should stick to their socialist guns even if that means Democrats have to embrace the label of “crazy socialists.”

“It is time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say,” Buttigieg declared, advising his opponents to join him in rejecting any temptation to craft a policy agenda based on what most voters actually want.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren also defended the socialist healthcare policy, admonishing the few candidates who questioned the wisdom of banning personal health coverage to “stop using Republican talking points.” Rather than devising a healthcare plan that would be more palatable to swing voters, Warren insisted that she could convince Americans to accept enormous tax increases in exchange for substandard medical care.

Recent polling, however, suggests that Warren is deluding herself. Support for government-run healthcare drops to an abysmal 26 percent when voters are told that it would require them to pay higher taxes and give up their existing coverage. When the moderate Democrat outcasts attempted to make this point during the debate, they were aggressively swarmed by their far-left opponents, who derided them for shunning “big ideas.”

The same was true when it came to extremist environmental proposals, such as the Green New Deal — a $93 trillion monstrosity that most of the 2020 Democratic candidates have enthusiastically endorsed.

“I get a little bit tired of Democrats afraid of big ideas,” Sanders complained when he was asked about his plan to eliminate new gas-powered automobile sales by 2040.

The following night, radical Democrats repeatedly blasted former Vice President Joe Biden whose proposal to “eliminate” fossil fuels wasn’t nearly extreme enough to suit them.

But perhaps the most powerful condemnation of centrists came from self-help writer Marianne Williamson, who launched a scathing attack on the moderate Democrats shortly after touting a preposterous proposal to spend half a trillion dollars on reparations for slavery.

“I look at some of you and I almost wonder why you’re Democrats,” she scolded those who balked at her eye-popping plans. “You almost think something is wrong with using the instruments of government to help people.”

Notably, a recent national poll found that a whopping 60 percent of Americans are opposed to the idea of paying cash reparations to the living descendants of slaves — but the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are clearly not interested in dealing with practical realities, preferring instead to retreat into a fantasy world in which public opinion reflects their views, not the other way around.

The Democrats are totally committed to the path of unyielding radicalism — and they frankly don’t care what the American people think about it.


Rogan O’Handley (@DC_Draino) is a former entertainment lawyer who now posts conservative political commentary and news online. He earned two bachelor degrees, magna cum laude, in political science and criminal justice from Northeastern University. He earned his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School.



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