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Ron DeSantis, Aaron Bean, Opposition to Raising Property Taxes Big Winners in Northeast Florida Straw Poll

Over the weekend, WBOB, Jacksonville’s premier talk radio station, kicked off the 2022 election season in Florida.

Almost 700 voters bought tickets and took part in straw polls featuring presidential, congressional, legislative and local contests.

Gov. Ron DeSantis beat former President Donald Trump as Republicans look ahead to nominating a president in 2024. DeSantis took 53 percent while Trump got 47 percent.

With an open congressional seat currently headed to the First Coast as part of redistricting, state Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Jacksonville, led the field with 61 percent.

Republicans also voted for state House candidates with Emily Nunez winning in District 15 with 56 percent, Lake Ray winning in District 16 with 79 percent and Jessica Baker winning in District 17 with 51 percent.

With Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry facing term limits in 2023, Al Ferraro won the straw poll to replace him, taking 56 percent of the vote. Matt Nemeth led the filed to be Duval County’s next sheriff.

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Jacksonville City Council candidates Mike Gay, Morgan Roberts, Ron Salem, Ronald Robinson, Danny Grabill, Raul Arias and Jack Meeks won the straw polls in their respective districts.

In a Duval County School Board contest, April Carney took 73 percent in the straw poll against incumbent Elizabeth Anderson.

Asked about a proposed property tax increase in Duval County to fund schools that will be on the ballot in November, 80 percent of the straw poll participants rejected it while 20 percent supported it.


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