Ron DeSantis Asks Trump for Emergency Declaration, Calls Up National Guard as Hurricane Dorian Looms

With Hurricane Dorian expected to strike Florida in the coming days, Gov. Ron DeSantis crossed the state on Thursday, trying to get the Sunshine State ready for the storm.

DeSantis visited the National Hurricane Center in Miami and the Emergency Operations Centers in Brevard and Duval Counties even as experts noted that Dorian could become a category 4 hurricane when it hits the U.S.

“As Hurricane Dorian continues to grow and intensify, we are preparing all available state resources,” said DeSantis before adding that he had called up members of the Florida National Guard. “Today we activated 2,500 members of the Florida National Guard, with an additional 1,500 on standby. We will continue to receive constant updates from state agencies to ensure all available resources are being utilized. I encourage all Floridians to continue to monitor updates and to heed all warnings from local officials.”

DeSantis issued an executive order, expanding one he issued earlier in the week, including all 67 counties in the state of emergency he declared.

The governor also wrote President Donald Trump asking for him to declare a pre-landfall disaster which will cover all of Florida.

“With Hurricane Dorian strengthening, I have sent a letter to President Donald Trump requesting that he declare a pre-landfall disaster for all of Florida’s 67 counties,” said DeSantis. “The trajectory of this storm remains uncertain, and this declaration will provide us with the necessary resources to ensure the state is fully prepared. I am confident the president will grant my request and show his full support for Florida.”

“This declaration will provide important resources and assistance from the federal government, as well as free up funding sources for emergency protective measures,” the governor’s office noted.

Every member of the Florida congressional delegation wrote a letter to Trump, supporting the governor’s request.


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