Ron DeSantis Highlights Funds Used to Help Floridians With Alzheimer’s

Last week, Gov. Ron DeSantis highlighted record funding for Alzheimer’s and related dementias and signed Senate Bill 806, to establish the Ramping up Education of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia for You (READY) Act.

Additionally, DeSantis announced that the final pillar of the five-part Dementia Action Plan, created in 2019, has been fulfilled with the establishment of the Florida Alzheimer’s Center for Excellence. The budget signed this month by the governor included record funding for Alzheimer’s and dementia care, marking a nearly 60 percent increase in funding since DeSantis took office in 2019.

“Supporting Floridians suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia is an important part of supporting our seniors,” said DeSantis. “We are working to make sure that any Floridian suffering from this terrible disease can access resources while also supporting innovative technologies that will open up doors for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in the future.”

“From day one, Governor DeSantis has been dedicated to ensuring Florida is a place where citizens can live well and age well. This record funding and the establishment of the Florida Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence (FACE) show the administration’s continued support for investing in a better tomorrow for all Floridians,” said Department of Elder Affairs Sec. Michelle Branham. “I am especially grateful for the positive impact FACE will have on seniors and their families with early detection, early diagnosis, critical care planning, support, and resources.”

“We are going to bring more hope to this generation. There has not been a lot of success in this area before,” said Shane Strum, the president and CEO of Broward Health. “We are going to explore new boundaries and medical innovation and create new best practices in the care for Alzheimer’s patients. This is only possible due to the tremendous leadership of the Governor and the other state leaders here who saw the need in our state and sought after a solution.”

“The urgency to meaningfully accelerate the pace of medical innovation in this area is clear,” said Dr. Maurice Ferre, the CEO and chairman of INSIGHTEC. “Improving the lives of patient’s is core to our mission. I am confident that together, we will meaningfully advance the landscape for patients both now and into the future.”

The budget includes $52.3 million for the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative Program, an increase of $12 million over the previous year. Additionally, $91.7 million is included for the Community Care for the Elderly Program, an increase of $9 million over the previous year. This program assists functionally impaired seniors to remain in the least restrictive, most suitable environment for their needs.

Florida has established the Florida Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence (FACE). This program focuses on enhancing the infrastructure available to support impacted seniors, families and caregivers. FACE includes innovative partnerships like the one between INSIGHTEC and a consortium of Florida universities that identify patients for the Blood Brain Barrier clinical trials for more effective treatment of Alzheimer’s.

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